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Mealy. It doesn't work like pushing know the entire time. I was like a pull door. Hello. Hello, buzz, buzz buzz. Hello, nobody your book. Boo. Boo. Finally figures out that she could just go back to the first floor Buchan Ramona. I don't want to panic, but guess what I'm getting, but I'm not going to panic, but I'm panicking. Do you know what that feeling is panic? Don't panic panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't panic. Don't like, yes, you're making me feel it right. Wanna Punic don't wanna panic of toll panic than a medium sized panic. The small panic with three on it. The camera crew doesn't give, which is great. That is so this, you know, I'm drowning. I'm I got him drowning in this room filling up with water. Give me out. Please leave me out. Leave. Good TV, good TV. I can't hear you. What are you trying to say you like it in there. Okay, great. A remote. Nobody even knows. I'm here glass elevator. They can definitely see because they're downstairs and being like. So the other thing that's interesting about Columbia is that it's really tropical and it's really nice. Hello. So whenever lady gets a haircut on the house live, so banner net goes crazy, right? Everyone's God, Calcutt your hair. And then Kyle here one time in like eighty years and like disgusting. The internet loves haircuts. I don't know what it is on women, and I've always thought this is so crazy who gives a shit about somebody's haircut, who cares? And then we see Lou Aaron come out with bangs. Oh. There's a reason remember when Lisa Renna like put a weave on for the reunion and everybody was like, oh my God. She looks like a limp, rag doll with bottle Ed. Shooter, you know, like bam was Lou, and I was like, this is why women cares. It makes such a huge difference because normally carefree and have a cabaret and this is low end coming in with long hair and bangs. Ooh. Kita, welcome to Columbia. Dan, that really makes a difference. God bless Lulu hand. She just never fails the top or self. I also we also should mention the fact that when Ramona did finally the elevator, she comes down to interests like somehow your yacky Leslie gone out of the elevator. Mayor Iraq. You know. So, yeah, Lewin's like, ooh, he does welcome to Columbia. Span, you'll I am by being so fear are. John CHA, CHA, CHA. Like we just went through the black phase. Give it a minute. Just a minute. It's giving them in it. Beth me has hated everybody like so viciously throughout the years. She forgets like she's supposed to be hating at any given moment. So the wind comes charging. Sofia. All right. Breath is sort of person when you go to a movie and there's like a mystery that like midway through, she probably figures out. Okay. So you probably like, okay, great, fine. Bethany. I was trying to figure it out myself. Okay. Well, whatever you get mommy can go. Now we're fifteen minutes of the movie about about on Cam, which you're such a killjoy about the news..

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