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Now on decent GMB the DH for Joe Torrey photo ID take music into the post season for the eleventh consecutive year the most ever appearances by a manager in postseason play in the history of the American League three one pitch on the outside corner good hits right at the bell to make it three in two anytime you can hit the outside part of the plate against a power hitter that philosophy not to do anything with it we're not going to do anything with it runners will be off of the pitch her landers said sold out the letters three two pitch outside he walked in global that is so close all the bases are loaded properly tried reading how do you want to have a word with Justin Berliner early banner for Justin Verlander soccer net is the pity go coming out also to fifty eight what do you have good stuff I'm gonna tell you you've got robbed by the umpire your fastball good good that changeup was excellent and let's go get this batter right here let's not mess around thrusters stuff because I like how you're throwing this afternoon out of the back of our net is the same type of conversation good swings the overnight from Alex Rodriguez one hit the show floor body line now one time exit window twice and of course the review in the paper was more night for Rodriguez it is amazing and it is amazing how does he go to the bases loaded this year nine for nineteen with two grand slam and he finished high in the month of September first pitch swing and a miss wow one hundred and one miles an hour past Alex Rodriguez bases loaded and two outs this to be a big lift for the Tigers overlander can get out of this jam two walks in a bloop single strike one pitch swinging in a final straight back well the way he's thrown S. like self defense but you get the right here to hear the same action is against the left hander moving in on the handle and a hundred miles an hour my mind stay with the fastball right here you're very the breaking ball I don't know I I would go up stairs one time with the fastball and then look at a breaking ball number landers sets the to pitch breaking ball with a called third strike.

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