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The made a big civil rights case out of it this woman comes over on a visa again she said she's a apparent of one of these emigrants she comes over on a visa she has no intention of going back the visa expires in the tucker up on a bus in now now it's a terrible thing that she's being deported she doesn't belong in the country she was supposed to come over here for for a vacation for the visitor family and now she thinks she is going to stay over here and we have to support supporter i'm sorry i don't want i i don't want to support anybody else i don't like supporting american layabouts why do i have to support foreign layabouts millions of all right i had been working on a new donald trump or care for a few months said trump is you know was a regular guest on the show in 2015 2016 we became close during the campaign they had a chance to fly with him on trump force one i introduced amid rallies i set up a rally at the at already bok juniors house i moderated a town hall in new hampshire spent time with him and mr lago and by the way how when's your interview with bob muller iowa you wear cut a close to take candidate trump i'll be glad that thought the bottom uh i wanted but i wanna but i'm only gonna talk to him at the hall where the secret society meets i wanna i wanna go i want to go to the franc house rudd a secret society of getting word now that it was the taco bell right i put all my experiences in my new book what really happened how donald j trump saved america from hillary clinton it's all there from the big announcement wild campaign rallies the contentious debates the wild election night the very fake media all the big moments a you'd never want to forget their right there and how donald in what really happened how donald j trump save america from hillary clinton order pre order today the book will be out in the.

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