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PBS's Jim Chris. Hula reports. Republican governors in Tennessee, Mississippi, South Carolina and Missouri have all resisted calls to close bars and Jim's or issue statewide mask requirements. Health officials in Mississippi in South Carolina are searching for additional hospital beds as covert 19 cases. Search intensive care units in nine of the biggest hospitals in Mississippi are filled to capacity. Jim Priscilla, CBS News Nation, why debts hit 1600? The American Federation of Teacher says its members Khun Strike a school's haven't taken safety precautions. President Randi Weingarten, How dare these governors deny the existence of Covic? How there do they continue? Mishandling Cove it when it comes to kids and two teachers. The White House's taking new steps to limit DACA protection. CBS is Stephen Portnoy Trump administration says it will renew the expiring status of dreamers. On a case by case basis for one year instead of two new applications will be rejected. A White House official says the new legal rationale for ending the program will focus on its negative effect, in particular how it's thought to serve as a magnet for Maury legal crossings. Seattle's mayor confirms federal agents sent to the city to quell protests have now left Negotiations are also underway to remove them from Portland. In a heated hearing on Capitol Hill, Attorney General William Barr defended the deployment correspondent Skylar Henry on Capitol Hill. The hearing was often contentious, Mr Attorney general, You did answer the question you said, under penalty of perjury. I'm gonna answer the damn questions with the two sides even fighting over a break. Could we take a five minute break? Mr. Chairman? Oh, we're almost finished. You're really clouding bar spent nearly five hours testifying. Tonight Iranian military war games or again raising tensions with the US details from CBS's Norah O'Donnell, Iran fired missiles at a mock U. S aircraft carrier..

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