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Good news is that you don't need to you don't need to be a rocket scientist to do this anymore right i mean it's really simple you can have point and shoot appointing quick rather and with the boy and click it's which sees what you get you find your template and there are several places for you to go like wicks dot com as where's face and what's nice about this benita is that the ecommerce is also built into it um so geo do you see any any different products do you see on your website i have a lot of products on my website i mean one hundred fifty two who know i have about cooking hundred to fourteen hundred that's alive well good for you and so so does the website exist right now yes okay so you wanna take are you taking orders on the website yes i did i on the website like people can come in by tall either has their own shopping cart and that followed by a so you're using the eu bachop right oh all right i'm sorry i totally misunderstood i thought we were starting from scratch okay so you got your thirteen 1300 products here's you're going to look at two companies forget what i said about wicks ends for space okay you're going to look at shop a fi uh or you're gonna look a big commerce and these are these are two shopping cart um logan's if you well for your website and if you wanted to develop like on my website i dunno if you'd wanna do this though the i'm telling you it's like it's a lot of work um but if you wanted to actually build your own ecommerce system is that there's opensource software to help you do that and the out opensource means is free but you have to tweak it to how it's going to work for you is that there is a uh there's an on a programme called shop absolutely use at if you go to shop documentary.

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