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Guy if he doesn't right, but Greg hardy if you notice he was just like having trouble turning it off, and whether it was regional commentators commentators on the OC fight Basho, the all took note of it. Like, wow, this guy still ready to go. And you know, they say jokingly or something like that. But you look at it and took them a while. And he always Schick at ours. Everybody, by the way, not just picking on card a year. I always just a weird thing for me. I I look to see if the guy checks on his opponent of shakes his hand. See how gracious he's I guys gracious winner because it's such things as bad winners right now. And he always does it. He always shakes her opponent hand. So I'm not trying to demonize him further in any way. But I do think it's a weird look for a guy like myself, and then you guys. Weighing seen a a crap ton of fights. But rarely do I see a guy that demonic locked in and having trouble to turn it off and for him for that fighter to be Greg hardy guy with domestic abuse allegations. And as well as maybe some you guys can win. I don't follow the NFL. But apparently he was hard to work with on combative on the teams. I don't know if that look helps them, and I wanted to get your opinion on that so long winded there, but so he's he finishes fights quickly get in. I just think there's you know, he hasn't really if it's a car's engine, and you know, it's a fast car. I don't think he's even hit ninety yet. And so the engine just didn't get to go out there and perform like he wanted to plus in football, you have three hours to smash the guy in front of you here. He's getting it done so quickly. So I just think he didn't have the full release. I know goes ass fighters that same question in the past. You're happy with the win. But it all happened. So quickly like are you are you ready to go? Do you wanna start another camp or because there's so many of these fighters that kind of I guess are intense during a camp, and then that night is so special in undescribable many say in because of that. And so here's me acting like I know the answer, but. What I was fair fair. I I think I've heard a few fighters say before while one I don't wanna put his name out there. But he said, I'm not necessarily fighting my opponent when fight night combs. I was fighting my father. Yes. And so two mortar what Dan's point is. I think sometimes people do that they're seeing other things. And so that rage comes back into him and takes him to another place. Interesting. You know that there's that. And then another thing I thought about was if you find on the contender series. It's essentially like maybe fighting added Jim knows people around like a smoker something, but there's really not that many. But now you're fighting in an arena with a lot of people. And I don't care who you are. I don't care if you've performed in football on one of the highest ages. It's just different when you're fighting and all the attention is on you. I'm very interested to see emotionally, psychologically, how this dudes going to handle himself. Let me go a little further to that one too. But from bringing back football when he was a defensive player who rushed the quarterback. How many times have you seen a guy knocked down the quarterback by tackling them or just the vicious hit? And then he gets to demonstrate some sort of a sack dance more just get you know, maybe a flex and then the teammates come up and give them a push or slap on the helmet. And so there's a process of releasing and so for him. Maybe that's just it. There is no one high five he's in there by himself. You don't have access to your cornerman unless you go up there and jump on the fence. And maybe that's what it should do rather than just in there and have that pouty face or whatever. But. Like, I say a lot of pro football players. You know that that's that's what they so they built for that moment. Because even if you get one sack per game..

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