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Welcome back. We are waiting for the press conference on the arrest in the pike county murders Nathan. So we're about one minute away from what I understand. So we'll be joining that here in a second. They finally got. More than two years after this murder of the family of eight people could grief, they arrested the four people, which is a family, George Wagner, the third forty-seven Angela Wagner forty-eight, George Wagner, the fourth twenty seven and Edward Jake Wagner twenty six so these are the four that were arrested for the killing there in pike county that family oh my gosh. It was eight people. And obviously, it's not like, I'm just not reading this. I just kind of you know, it it slips your mind is it's not exactly top of mind all the time. But boy eight people and that was awful, obviously, some more than two it's been two years since that actually happened. Yeah. Josh is giving me. So how how actually we're like what twenty seconds away or something like that? Or? Yeah. It sounds like the attorney general in the pike county sheriff walk into the room that they have not started talking suze. Do I'll give you a heads up here? Okay. All right. So anyway, yeah. Any second. We're going to actually be going to that. So I actually hesitate to start talking about, you know, anything of substance. It's we're actually stalling if you will do we can get to the press conference. But I have to do I do want to say this earlier today. Wall burgers brought its food truck out to Mark Wahlberg Chevrolet. And this was one thing. I was really sad about because of my schedule today and couldn't get out there. Because of the there's going to end up being a wall burgers. So all right anyway, here is the press conference now live on six ten WTVN..

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