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A video camera on the entire day. And I haven't seen or thought of my life as a 13 year old. Since I was 13, so it was from beginning of day to end of day, and it was how every day of my life was spent. Right. Get up in the morning, go to Alex stadium, watch a spring training baseball game. Trail around after my dad, watch my dad interview people, I started, I started noticing different idiosyncrasies and mannerisms that he had, stuff that I was aware of, but not aware of. Watching him do the game watching him, this is all on the video. But the interesting part happens at the end, because at the end, the video then goes inside our rented condo in St. Petersburg. And now I am transported to the 13 year old Joe. The ten year old Julie buck and my dad is 59 then. I'm 52 now. My mom is 40 something. She looks amazing. She's diving around trying to not get videoed because she doesn't think she looks good, but she looks great. And then my dad puts on this show for the kid holding the video camera. And it was like I was brought back to my 13 year old self. And it was interesting in that. The reason why I bring any of this up is I have a lot of the same issues that you have. And I never thought I did. I always thought I think you at least I look back on my childhood in a way that makes it feel like it was idyllic. And it really was not that ideal. It was great on many levels. But my dad was an older dad. My dad was a divorced guy who met my mom, and was not divorced at the time. My mom gets pregnant with me. I come into the world. This is all in my book. So I'm not revealing anything there. But every day was built on making my dad the most comfortable he could be. And at one point, he starts joking to the camera like the woman who's down there says, well, Jack, you know, how do you start your day? He goes, well, I wake up. I jog

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