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Geico after he died and killed them again as is opened up and then he shot him. Even though it's clearly shelton's obviously the sheltered so right young was then made the chief of police and the mayor pro. Tem wow quite a. that's all right. Hell yea his newly deputized. Special police roamed the streets The hospital was still surrounded by soldiers. So young has basically made himself dictator of county. King of the king. Of the county warrants. Were filed for suspects. Like i said this included the mayor so he then appoints himself the sheriff. Wow as a matter of time. I mean so time goes by days go by months go by there's ambushes shootouts in the streets ahead and it's just like a a level of violence just you know every day right. The state government state federal. Not not thrilled with. What's what youngest doing which is basically overthrowing the civil authorities of williamson county so the state starts to an investigation. But still he's running the show for a while there. There were boos related trials. The clan sweeps the november elections so the kkk is incomplete troll control of williamson county and then the government drops their investigation on young and he is indicted on fifty five charges. Other klansmen are also indicted. So obviously he's losing control and then one by one. The shelton brothers return. There's three shelter brothers. Okay jacksonville now. Young decide we miss anything changed. Did that guy we have. You guys been updated anything that man. That was great. Got away with it too. But four hundred people got arrested for killing him. What the clan. What so young decides to get a town and moved to e saint louis now on may twenty but he's still going back and forth. He's he's still doing like clan events and stuff should may twenty third. He and his wife were driving from hereon. Saint louis when dodge pulled up a sign them on the road they were forming in the car and they all started shooting with shotguns and revolvers young was shot in the leg. His wife took a blast of buckshot to her face young. It'd be okay but his wife was permanently blinded now. the dick. Cheney is the dick cheney The clan vows revenge so they start all the county start looking for the dodge now the next day the next day a dog. I mean how many there had to be a number of dodd. It's not cars when the lapd was looking for dorner and there were just shooting. Everyone with a toyota. Yeah and if you have that car you're like don't go outside. So then i notice you're driving a roj truck. Yup that's right brand new that letters that two legs on the arlo off. Well it's raj for you roj trucks. That's what they that's what they were known for. I've never actually even heard of dodge personally. I always wanted to myself raj so i actually have a podge great. And that's what we do a lot of the he's got ta got araj. So good luck. Finding that fayyaz dodge dodge. Good luck finding. That never heard of that. Through who besser. Yeah please excuse me just gonna get in the front of my raj and him as podge so skews us. Thank you great to be you guys. Good luck fighter. That son of a bitch if you get him boy. Oh boy wouldn't wanna dribble driving a dodge today. All right high card by guys discuss. Who's dodge what about my dodged. Oh fuck.

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