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You know we want to just quickly talk about briefly why we're all here and we know you guys paid a really a nice fee to be here but it is all too much what you're getting back in talent way too much on a lot of you flew ins you pay a lot. Thank you truly to everyone everyone who flew in I'm humbled yes but we're here on behalf of the Jane Legacy Fund you WanNa speak to yes so to tell you I mean Casey and Danielle have supported the club from the very beginning from helping US launcher incubator space to throwing their money time and resources and connections in our bodies and bodies audio which nobody tonight and then I've doing that for the Jayme listen I saw Daniel with the Bronx without and I said take it off it. Just say get those nips to the people that as I wish I don't know she you did say I still pressed forward. You look like a little French. I don't even know what Danielle you look so beautiful. I don't know why hi this is not on parade. Look like to wear a lot of baggy stuff and it's unacceptable thing. These are the years the precious years of our lives they are and guess what are my breasts where they used to be. No did I try out of bathing suit earlier today with a built-in brought and it cut me off. It's like okay so tell you hero. Tell you to tell you all a little bit about what this space is and what the legacy fund is. It's all about the Jane Club was founded by me and my co founder Jesse no with the idea and mission that mothers mothers should be able to work and not have to apologize for being mothers and they should be able to mother and not apologize for having to go oh to paid work that both should be able to exist and so this space urine is a workspace we have childcare on the first floor and we have an unbelievable community the and services to support mothers one of the things we are doing here is making sure we are including as many women as possible <hes> who can't afford our membership hip level so the gene legacy is gifting memberships to those women. We're going to be announcing some really exciting partnerships with the legacy fund fund soon <music> so stay tuned but tonight all of the proceeds from these ticket sales on what you paid for your ticket which was too much and they can give out that was a test like Oh God are supporting these women who can come here and work and have their children taking care of so. I really really do thank you all for being here. Thank you so much. I'm seeing someone upfront glass of wine in one hand and just snapping with the other the bothered yes we need to support women in everything may do speaking of supporting women last thing we want to say before where we plunge into this show is and truly this is just something I want to share about June Diane Raphael because not only as she founded the Jane Club and is my dearest nearest friends sorry Danielle no and I have known her longer just a matter years quantity over quality. It seems now because I have equality fray. Yes you are but June. Diane has written a book called represent the Women Thank you women's guide to running for office and changing the world. This book is coming out soon. It is a basically a how to run for office on any level and how you can get involved in simply just jump in and do it in any way possible all and it's coming up Jim but I just wanted to read a quote that found its way onto the back of the book the Book One don't did You D._T.. Theresa Grote such beautiful kidding. This is the quote I would like to because I'm so proud of this over the last few years we've seen a remarkable surge of women running for office and even better winning running takes courage.

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