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And then go to one up. That was after Andre silver had missed a penalty. Not a great penalty at all. However, no, the thought did dawn on me during it. There are a few things that I would rather do less in this world than face John Luigi Donna Roma and a penalty. Especially when Donna has played against you and training. I swear and knows what you like doing. I swear a shadow loomed over the 18 yard box. That dude is huge. Is that even a gap in the goal? This is the thing actually, I thought about this. Is that actually? I've been interested in one thing like penalties that go high how he does a penalty because obviously he's with the Maguire thing. I think with people like that, you just have to go high. I mean, to be fair, Andre silver's penalty was not good. And it was such a perfect height for him. And he should have done better on the penalty. But savitz like got one at the end. Although don't remember almost got to that as well. Yeah, that's a really good penalty actually. It was really good Dan in the corner. I think Giorgio is happy, he's Italian. He doesn't have to win against it. And that is the match up the world wants to see. Just to get PSG. And I was like, no. Yeah, I want to see that. Without him, got a brace. Interesting little feature of a pivotal game for PSG where midfield has come up big, isn't it? Yeah, a lot of people have taken the heat off that front line. One album and Hakeem are two of my favorite signings only because they can plug into any team. It pretty much put her came in right out of any team, actually. And they plug and they plug a gap somewhere, I think. I agree that you can put both of them in any side. I think Hakeem is the one that obviously elevates. I think Ronaldo is a curious player in the sense that I think he's good, but I think he was someone who just got elevated in that Liverpool side because of the structure and the system and the coaching, I think. I think he's a type of coach's dream. A tactical coach's dream, yeah, do you know where he would have been really good actually is buy in? Yeah, yeah. He would have been super handy for buying. I think so. I think you can just pluck him in a midfield three, and he can really just knit things together think quite well. I think Narwhal would have loved him at Bayern. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah. I think the PSG thing. Everyone saw that GIF going round of when Leipzig had the ball and Neymar was tying.

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