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But it's also you can tell that the people who made it at so much affection for this subject, which is totally different from someone being sycophantic. But so when you have Dray talking about different ways of scratching, and and kind of working with music, they'll be subtle little things when he's talking where they give those treatments to his voice. It will slow down a little bit pan from from either side. And it's when something is made with love it just is completely different already loved us. She goes every band on the way or every music largest on the way up or even an engineer like like like open whose name is pronounced Pronounce deferred. deferred. Only only, you know, the early part of the story is always the absolutely most charming isn't to see see world class wrecking crew in their terrible close. I'm Dr dre and his purple as silly outfits. Outfit. Absolutely love him for it. And the fact that like you see that pretty much every musician stock out has the same. I have no idea. What's going to happen to here? I'm just going to give it a go. But of the point of the idea of, you know, access without sycophancy, and we've all seen a lot of rock documentaries co-produce with the subject, and you kind of going pretty easy on them. I didn't get the impression with this. And I think later on when we look at the episode Dylan you you'll have seen this. When we look at the episodes of Dr dre assaulting a female journalist, I've not got that far in the series. But apparently, it doesn't flinch it all and say, it was an absolute precondition of Allen. He's that he would only do this dre talk about episode. I think this is often been the case in documentaries. But now when you're working with people, and traditionally particularly in our world, there would be sort of separation between church and state. This is what we're doing in order to make you look like this. But actually that whole process now is what people want to and they they don't just want. They demand it and they're quite right to and there's a. It's not an era of transparency we live in a in a far more transparent age, for instance, when we're doing a cover shoot. Now, whether whether it's for the website or whether it's for the magazine. Part and parcel of the the actual image is the process. Everything is filmed everything is film from from. When someone wakes up to when someone is clearing the table of film, canisters and teacups. And everything is captured because you need so much more material now of social.

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