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On I Heart radio takes about 8 25 now 700 wlw Monday morning. What is coming around feeling pretty good about that Texas is We'll get a lot of Watership down that way on what a mess that is. I mean, there was already one lawsuit headed earlier this morning, A $100 million over 11 year old boy who died of hypothermia. Hypothermia, $100 million and the rest will come. Rick had a comment to make on that. We got a line open. 513749 7800 the big one. So Rick and dating what's going on? Morning, sir, that a question for you. What was Ted security? Take presupposed that kind of Seo. During all this crisis, man make legislation that willing snow and ice in Texas or what? Because I don't think he's a pole line worker. And I daddy works in the water business. What, what you thought Well, it's all about optics in his line of work. It's about optics. That's why presidents fly to disaster areas to show that they care even if they don't but they go there because the whole idea's he cared enough to be here and when it's your state. And you are representing them to the federal government. Your petition the federal government for aid. You better expect that the media is gonna be calling you. You can't be in Cancun. Well, of course, the media is the lowest common denominator after right now down on that, But I'm sorry as a realist. I'm looking at this and I don't care if it would have been a Democrat has been a independent. There isn't anything a senator a U. S senator can do about what what was going on down there. I agree with you entirely at that level, but above that you have to understand it's the optics. That's why you have people, you know. When we had the flood, and if you were around back when Clinton was in office and the Ohio River came up, Al Gore showed up, put on some waiting boots and went down The Second Street and stood in the river for a little while because it's it's a matter of what it looks like In that line of work. It will come back to haunt you, and obviously it has come back to haunt him. So what he was supposed to be, therefore would be optics. Yeah, but didn't we are not make fun of Al Gore walking around and waiters when he was here. I did. A handful of people did, but to the rest of the world, it looked like the Clinton administration cared to the point that Al Gore came here in some waiters and stood in the river. Oh, God. Whose God have mercy on our souls. Okay, Thanks, Mike. Ever. Good. Thanks. See you later. That's the answer. Bill on the Ted Cruz situation. What's going on? Bill? How you doing? Yeah. Good morning, Mike. Hey, you know, I was watching TMZ, which that's already a mistake, but they had a picture of Ted Cruz's house. And they had a little dog. I think this name was snowball and it was looking out the front door. They left their dog when they went down to Cancun, But they did say that there was a security guard. It was coming by to watch it, But I mean, you know that that was a bad shot there. That's that optics, But yeah, they probably had a dog sitter. You know, Lots of people do that. They have somebody who walks their dogs, even when they're at work, and when they leave town to on the show, they said. They said that there was a security guard that was watching. But another thing. How come they never said anything about President Biden coming down to Texas lives and even down there yet. Hey, still might mean Typically, they wait till the dust has begun to settle before they go to things like that, But I mean, it was like when Trump went all the way to Puerto Rico. It took a while to get there. And then he was marked for throwing paper towels out to people. But that's what it's about The optics. You gotta show up because it looks like you care, and that's what That's what matters. It's all style and politics. Okay, Thanks a lot, Mike. Good day. So you're getting close to 8 30 at 700 wlw and following news of the touch on this is it's what to do about the black lives matter of mural that is painted on the block outside of City Hall. As could be predicted. Those things start to fade because cars drive on it and then you have snow salt and plows driving on it. And what are we supposed to do? Who's going to pay for the upkeep of the black lives matter? Mural? Which is taking up a block outside city hall. And this has been done in a lot of cities too. I mean, we're far from alone. It is. In fact, I'm sure we weren't the first. The one outside the The Trump building in New York gets attention just because of where it is, and the fact that people have painted across it. Painted on top of it, and that people have tried to do that here, so they're looking at budgeting the money to keep it there. I guess in perpetuity. And I tend to wonder why it's there in the first place for perfectly valid reasons, which they'll spell out following Following the news, But yeah, a 30 see what the Scotsman has coming up top of the hour. He'll be in at 906 and past that often momentarily it is news time and you've got news radio 700 wlw. News, traffic and weather news radio 700 w L jealousy Cincinnati Working around weather related delays with the 8 30 report. I'm Rick you Chino breaking now President Joe Biden. Will be taking part in a moment of silence.

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