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A 10 02 We're following developing news this morning out of Boston, right by the Milton Line. State police now say they have ruled out foul play in a death investigation that's going on on the Neponset bike path right by granted Avenue. Said they were called to the scene around six o'clock this morning for reports of a dead body. The bike path is closed right now is police take a closer look, and you might see some social media posts, calling today blackout Day. That's because activists are encouraging black Americans toe on Ly spend their money on products and services by black owned businesses in time. Hundreds marched yesterday in Indiana after the release of a video, which appears to show a racist assault. Today, Equal rights protestors across the country are expected to turn out for a different type of demonstration. I can tell you, you will get changed. Hashtag Black out. Day 2020 is a social media movement, encouraging black Americans to not spend any money today or if they do to make purchases on Lee at black owned businesses it has support from, among others, rapper T. I who wrote on Instagram. This is a call to action, according to a 2018 Nielsen report. Black people spend $1.2 trillion in the U. S annually. Laura Podesta, CBS News It is 10 to 3 time for traffic and weather together. Super retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes Don't below there. David Straka Lino Hi, Nicole. We have a lot of work crews to talk about today and we have a disabled vehicle west of the city that's on route to East about Exit 35 tyre changer at the top of the exit ramp there on 2 90 westbound left lane taken at Route 1 40 in Shrewsbury, and then again at 1 90 on the eastbound side, right lane taken at the 1 90 split and delays. 1 90 South getting by work and sterling north of the city for 95 South has left Lane closed for bridgework before the Ward Hill connector in Haven in New Hampshire in Salem, New Hampshire, 93 North bound, left Lane closed. That's not much of an issue, but on the every turn Pike North bound before Bedford Road, Exit 12. Slow approaching work there. South of the city on for 95 south before exit 3 28 and middle borrow. It's backed up on the way they're getting by work, and that's been a cz. Muchas Nate, or nine minute delay on the Cape Roots succeeds before exit to a war crew has been cleared there. David struck Feli No W B C traffic on the three already. Thank you strap in. For the rest of the day, we'll.

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