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And though it's very painful at the time, the freedom that comes with that is. Incredible and it's really. At quite an empowering situation, although it's you know the dark night of the Soul Kinda going through hell, it's you know it's a very dangerous time for people if you go too deep into Dr but you know there are a lot of people that are suffering from depression and you know sadness and a lot of negative emotions, essentially now and I think if we can. Dive deep which I talk about in the workbook and embrace some of those learn from Bos- don't run from Bos-, but expose them to the light in the more than we let paying. Sit In our bodies, the more it's going to really harm our. Our health and so if we can bring it out into the lake, we've then can free ourselves and become. Who came here to be? Someone I, I love the idea of bringing the light to those feelings. Someone our actually might be Tara Brach. WHO said this of love, her podcast and her books, but it's a reimagining those feelings them as a person that you're sitting on a park bench and like they have. Yeah, they're important. You know there's important wisdom to gain from those feelings and experiences and It's natural to want to run away, but we can perpetuate so much creativity, and through that so many ripple effects, but if we spend the time sitting with. That bringing light to that and sitting with those feelings, we'll because it's us. I mean that's part of us. You know we only show the good parts. How do you feel? How are you doing I'm great humor, though maybe inside you're not you know it's. We don't really have an opportunity to be able to express a lot of that darkness, and and yet that is as much a part of us as valuable of us as any of upbeat, you know gifts that we create give out to the world, and the more that we can embrace them and share them the more that allows others around us to embrace their flaws and their doubts, and allows them to also. Be More empowered. See Yes that ripple effect. The your with some of the the things in the book, the more experiential components do you think those things could directly apply two? Interventions within therapy session. Sure because when you're working with children, you know no matter how well organized you are, and how you have everything set up and you know you never know what's going to happen or how they're going to react, and you have to be able to access your creativity, and you know be able to adapt to what's happening now in the moment with the kids, and so the more that you're able to do that for yourself, the more you'll be able to bring that into the therapy session with children. and. It's also I think important to allow those moments to happen because again you know instead of trying to direct everything and have it be our way. We're not allowing the children to express express themselves fully, and allowing them to be able to walk into their own power of directing and in allowing them to. Create some of the dynamic. That's going on, and it's scary because chaos is never easy and yet that's sometimes where some of the most profound happened is when we let go of his rigid control because most of us are afraid of that. You know were afraid that we're going to lose control. Everything's GonNa go crazy. We're GONNA. Lose reputation. You know. Everybody's going to talk about this and say Oh, my Gosh, did you hear what? and yet if you really believe in yourself and you believe in the child, and you believe in the process of what you're doing, you. Can you know effect change at a level that? Maybe you been really expect so I would hope that this workbook would allow people to therapists to be able to embrace that about themselves, but also to let kids you know kids. especially young children still seem like they're connected to the great beyond you know wherever we come from or whatever that sort of energy is, and they have vivid imaginations, and you know lots of times, those imaginary world or imaginary friends, or some of the things they say can be ridiculed or that silly or come on buckle down were working on this right now, whereas those are really mystical, magical sort of moments, and the longer than we can help a child. Hold onto those connections. Shoes that imaginary place. The more the the the deeper, the child will be able to access their own creativity, because it's really the connection to the spirit you know I talk about. You know this is a spiritual guide and what I mean about spirit is that it's that non physical part of us. It's that part of the perhaps goes on after our physical form dies and s humans were caught up been. All the human pursuits of you know. Whatever it is working with kids creating a family having a home working to make money to buy food and this, and that those are all you know physical in the here and now, but there's also this other hard of us this spiritual part of that. Is In awe. When we see the sunset you know, and it's just brings tears to our is, or we get those goosebumps when we hear.

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