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Twitter feed at Spain and Fitz at sarahspain at Nick Friedel. While the other comment from Jon Gruden that's been getting a lot of pub is when he was on the NFL network, talking about the raiders defense, and I'm going to read you exactly what he said and get your reaction before I tell you what I think he said we weren't very good last year on defense with Khalil Mack. We didn't have an interception I think all year. I don't know if we intercepted a pass until week fourteen we gotta get a better pass rush. We got to play better defense period and we hope Khalil gets here. But in the time being we've got plenty of guys who need work. Now I point. Out the stats weren't quite right. The first interception of the season didn't come to the eleventh game, not the fourteenth and they did finish dead last in the NFL with just five picks raiders defense not good. And MAC did start all sixteen games, but a lot of people are looking at that as a dig unclear Mak. What do you make that comment? I look, I don't think it's a dig on MAC so much as it's dig on the entirety of how poor that defense was throughout the year. I mean, Khalil Mack. Anybody watches football knows just how big of an impact player. This guy is he can change an entire game by himself, which is really rare for for that kind of team sport the raiders on the whole. They need to get back up to that level that we've seen in years past where you kind of fear everything about them, but especially the defense when you roll into town. So I don't put as much stock into it as I know other people have when they they saw and they red grooms words. My concern is that there is a chance that he misspoke because it makes more sense when being asked about the holdout to say, we weren't very good last year on defense, even with colonic we didn't do this. We didn't do that. We hope Khalil gets her. But in the time being we got plenty of guys who need work to me that reads, like Khalil max, not the issue. We had a bad defense altogether. There's a ton of guys we need to work with. We'll get to him when he gets here. Now, I don't know if that's the case I might be giving him the benefit of the doubt that he didn't earn. But when we had Mark Trestman do as opening presser for the bears a couple years ago, he announced very confidently. We're going to have a team that's selfish and undisciplined. Sometimes coaches miss speak. He didn't mean to say the team was going to be selfish and undisciplined, and he certainly didn't have a crystal ball to know that the team would be selfish and undisciplined. What he wanted to say was unselfish and disciplined, jacked it up because some times guys misspeaking. So I wonder if that's what was happening, but Elsie. Granderson had an interesting take on sports nation that this is just him asserting his power, and that is a great theory as well. He didn't miss beak. He wasn't trying to say, even with the league's best pass. Rusher was still the navigate d. He was saying intentionally Khalil Mack is not enough for us to be good. I'm taking a shot and he's not here yet because he wants to assert power, which is what he's done since he got there, including immediately getting rid of their punter who had a little bit too much personality and not just a surpassed sales these point. But certainly as an old school football coach, what else will that do? Not only would potentially make Khalil Mack angry, but it'll motivate him and he'll come in and say, all right. All right, new guy, I'm gonna show you what I'm all about and I'm gonna prove to you that I'm better than what you think in that case. Well, we'll certainly see if gruden's tactics, payoff, ignoring new statistics asserting his power potentially taking a jab at the best player on his team. We'll see. Right, Spain and Fitz. That's right. Always coming up. Next, Jenny dial Creech from the Houston chronicle. Talk to us about the Roberto assume a deal and how that locker room is reacting to the trade Spain and fits one of the biggest deals in baseball coming yesterday as we all prep for today's MLB trade deadline, Roberto Asuka headed to the Astros..

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