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Park richard yeah got to protect the squirrels uh okay ban what is the hardest part about your job that no one knows i think probably one of the hardest parts is just not having that idea of stability in your life you sort of half few expect the unexpected and accept huge lifestyle changes on a moment's notice and just move beyond that end roll with the punches what about you than maintaining the ability to sing not much especially with magic drawings it's just a lot of danny annexing it it it's really difficult and i also have to autoimmune diseases a have a enclosing spondylitis an offshoot of kreitus act one a super strict iin on the road base grade vegetables and fish and chicken for some people i know that they already choose that died on their own but for me i i i have a hard time uh so ben what is something you bought the you now completely regret buying well not being on an anti inflammatory at like dan as soon as we got done with our fifteen busride yesterday i ran into the nearest diner and got a juicy lucy the famous uh minneapolis hamburger with the cheese on the inside also some parmesan cheese tator todd's and some barbecue chicken nachos and i haven't decided which one of those i regret but certainly all three was was too much that sounds so good in me right now dan you when did you first realize that music it'd be an actual career for you i don't know if i've ever had a full realization of that i feel like as a musician you're always thinking tomorrow everything's going to just collapse and it's kind of the drive the keeps you going yeah it's never seemed like a good decision professionally.

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