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Traffic and weather together on the eight. Here's abbie. Ryan italy. Edens lake cook to Montrose nineteen nineteen backout Kennedy out to the airport. So from the Jane burn interchange with heavy delay all the way up to division from right around grand and delays continue a little slow up to Armitage eighteen out to Montross and thirty one to the airport. The inbound side stopping Bill Hubbard street tunnel to the. Jane, burn interchange. Some parts are way heavier than others twenty four handed downtown fourteen to the locals and eight in the express your on the O'Hare extension that is a parking lot out of the terminals to the tri-state. Eisenhower, outbound twenty nine to route three ninety inbound thirty two three ninety into downtown nineteen hundred for Mannheim. Stevenson on the outbound side thirty inbound thirty five eighty three to county line road. That is where it slow twenty in from the tri-state the Ryan out to ninety fifth that is clear at eighteen minutes. Make it fifteen the inbound side of sixteen minute ride. So as you approach the Jane, burn, the outbound Eisenhower ramp is a pretty ugly right now fifty seven looks good. If you're on the Bishop Ford inbound heavy delay from one hundred fifteenth passes Tony Allen feta ramp because roadwork it's down to one lane twenty-five in from eighty ninety four to the Ryan lakeshore drive. Looks good tristate southbound Jane Addams Val, moral roadwork in the left lane. And if you're on the Jane Addams, it looks good east and west Reagan so approaching the eastbound side at three fifty five and a veterans is fine. Fifty three not to battle heavy from the Jane Addams day Higgins because of construction if you're on I ninety four eastbound the Indiana toll road, a crash in the right lane near there. Other than that, everything looks pretty good skyway eastbound delays from these skyway toll bridge over to.

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