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When i watched that the first time i was like this is weird but it's fine but it's good. You know what i mean like. It was weird. Like they're it's. I wondered how that was going to be viewed twenty five years from now. Would you look back because you know if you ever watch like an superman movie or an old bad like like the ones from the eighties with. Yeah yeah yeah. And i think really literally see from christopher rees at he glides into a lowest is lanes balcony right and i didn't know if the comedy in the movies because they're they're a little silly right there a little silly at times. I wondered if that was gonna kinda stand the test of time but overall this. This'll be cool. I like this. i'm sure so. And then the one and then the say the news. I believe it was on twitter. Where i saw at first. And then you in is the game changer. You know seeing that e a sports college football is coming back. Yeah is coming back. Y'all heisman trophy. Winner and audit fund. Was the nicole award. You could be up for that so you know it's back. They put a little tweet out. They'd be teased. It a little bit as as a as they say in hollywood they tease it just enough and they and it just took buyer. I remember watching sports last night and watch the scott van pelt brit talk about the same thing and how he has. He has a dynasty on. He went he's been playing a game since it was you know came twenty. Fourteen was the last game lifestyle and they brought it out and now he's got like he's in twenty forty four and the character he has spent in college this whole time. He's a he's a all american tight end. I think or something. Like that. And i never got into the dynasty stuff in madden or a college football for me. It's like i lived it. I just wanna play the games. 'cause i've done drafts i've done fantasy league drafts in madden and i'm like i when i did the first one i was like. I'm never going to do this again because i live this life. I'll live being drafted. I live going through free agency. And you gotta do all that when you do franchise mode madden Nhl any of the sports game you have to do negotiating contracts. You gotta talk with agents. And so i was like nope so but i'm with for dynasty for him to take it at far that's called. That's grinding right there. So i appreciate you Svp there f- for me. I'm just going to be happy. That we could get nebraska. Hopefully they have the ninety five team or on their team. I was on and the ninety six ninety seventeen. I would love that. I'll be happy. And i'll play some more accountable. Here's something i think. We have to point out so this game might be out in two or three years. And according to a they're going to have more than one hundred institutions featuring the logos stadiums uniforms game day traditions. And more that fans have come to know and love. but i'm reading that it will not feature the real names images likenesses of current college football players. So that's kind of. I don't think a lot of yeah. A lot of people may not know they might be like all cool. Can't to get whatever whatever then they're going to get the game between now and the released figure it out but that they won't have the real name and image and likeness of a place on it and i don't know about pass pass teams though amman so i don't know if how that works right. They've done it every now and then..

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