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Stories we're following for you this hour at its second hearing today the January 6th committee presented testimony from several members of former president Trump's inner circle They say they tried in vain to stop mister Trump from repeating lies designed to overturn the 2020 election More on today's happenings from Capitol Hill and WTO's Mitchell Miller The chair of the panel congressman Benny Thompson says testimony from Donald Trump's former advisers make it clear he wouldn't listen to them when they told him there wasn't enough evidence to overturn the election He no let the will of the voters He lied to his supporters and the country Extensive recorded testimony from former attorney general Bill Barr was presented by the committee He says he never saw a clear cut evidence of the fraud the former president was citing He really believes this stuff he has he's become detached from reality A Republican election expert Ben Ginsberg testified in person that no courts found merit to the former president's claims In no instance did a court find that the charges of fraud were real On Capitol Hill Mitchell Miller WTO We are learning more now about how the deadly mass shooting outside Hagerstown late last week came to an end Those late breaking details from WTO's Kyle Cooper Police say the accused shooter 23 year old Joe esquivel rammed his car into a Maryland state trooper's vehicle then fired a handgun through his own windshield hitting trooper detective sergeant Phillip Martin He was treated and released from a hospital eskel is charged with 33 separate charges including three counts of first degree murder for each of the persons who died at Columbia machine where he worked He's being held without bond and is expected back in court in July Kyle Cooper WTO news 6 O 5 now if you drive along Maryland's route 90 to get to ocean city Oh you know how crowded it can get Oh the state is now putting more money into hopefully easing traffic congestion along that ride Governor Larry Hogan announcing today that $15 million is being set aside for improving a 12 mile stretch of route 90 from U.S. 50 to Maryland 28 Hogan recently announced plans were moving forward to address traffic crossing the Chesapeake Bay Boeing and Virginia tech are teaming up for new innovation campuses in Northern Virginia part of the new lab will include special programs designed to help military veterans transition to new careers Virginia governor Glen youngkin says hundreds of thousands of active and retired veterans call the Commonwealth home and programs like this will help the state keep them there They make our communities better The fabric of values they're the heartbeat of our workforce The initial focus will be on Virginia tech president Tim sands Veterans transitioning and looking to upskill in technology fields And he says more than just coming to learn they'll be bringing their connections or their experience into the classroom Which youngkin says will turn the innovation campus into an innovation region not just for the mid Atlantic not just for America but for the world in crystal city John dome and WTO the news A bill to lure the Washington commanders to a new stadium in Northern Virginia fumbled and died in the state legislature last week The governor Glenn youngkin is not throwing in the towel just yet More sports metaphors to come He says today he still wants to bring the commanders across the Potomac in the near future I think there are some issues that need to be resolved Should those issues get resolved I'd like to pick this back up I believe that Virginia should be the home of professional sports team but they're saying some things that have to be dealt with I got to work with our legislature to get the bills passed in order to facilitate it And when the time is right I look forward to negotiating that deal The commander's current lace at least rather at FedEx field runs out in 2027 It was quite a nasty day on Wall Street as we've been describing investors brace for the possibility of another interest rate hike this week We'll talk all about it with bankrate dot com's Mark Hamrick while looking.

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