Tiger King, A. Todd Spitzer, President Trump discussed on Coast to Coast AM with George Noory


Then, while trying to fix that problem, the cancer causing chemical benzene was detected in 29. Team, causing the city to shut down the facility and import water. The city security $2 million grant last summer to fix the problem and just recently selected a corporation to begin construction next month on a new filtration system. The project is expected to take another year to complete. Corbin Carson Ko Phi knees prosecutors in Orange County of charge 10 people accused of making off with hundreds of thousands of dollars in fake unemployment claims. Orange County, D A. Todd Spitzer says two people filed more than 1000 claims. Using a front business in Garden Grove. They seized over $300,000 in cash, They froze bank account's tied to the business. And all total so far $490,000 relating to Edie defraud. Spitzer says the others were charged in separate schemes to help prisoners file tens of thousands of dollars worth of fake claims. He says taxpayers were scammed because the state Didn't provide enough checks and balances and a tiger never changes its stripes. And apparently, it doesn't stop asking for a pardon, either. Since Tiger King Joe Exotic didn't get a pardon from former President Trump. He's hoping to get one from President Biden. The Tiger King is real name is Joseph Maldonado Passage was convicted for his role in a murder for hire plot that targeted his big cat Zoo rival, Carole Baskin, from the Netflix series, Tiger King. TMZ gotta hold the emails where Joe Exotic says he believes the Biden Harris administration can help reform the criminal justice system. The Tiger King says he believed in President Trump until January 6th following the riot at the Capitol. Jennifer Jones, Lee Ko Phi news. Ryan's gonna let us know about a crash.

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