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Browns star for the fight at the end of last night's game with the Steelers Cleveland Browns defensive lineman miles Garrett calling his actions a terrible mistake in a statement apologizing to Pittsburgh Steelers quarterback Mason road off for striking him in the head with his helmet in a brawl near the end of Thursday night's game Garrett's teammate Joe Schober spoke with SiriusXM NFL radio Friday saying the team is standing by the former first overall pick we have to take a take the consequences on the chin and we are going to do that way I can make it before then I come into this for him he's not going to use the from self care now suspended indefinitely for the remainder of the season he won't be reinstated until meeting with commissioner Roger Goodell says the Browns defensive lineman partnership with adidas is up in the air the apparel company telling fox news they're looking into the events that occurred during Thursday's game man apartado fox news a third consecutive California governor blocking parole for a follower of Charles Manson governor Gavin Newsom reversed a parole recommendation for Bruce Davis now seventy seven for the nineteen sixty nine slayings of musician Gary Hinman and stuntman Donald Shorty Shea it was the sixth time Davis was recommended for parole but blocked by a governor Davis was not involved in the more notorious killings of actress Sharon Tate and six others that same year pearl panels have repeatedly decided Davis is no longer a public safety risk citing his age and good behavior but like its predecessors Newsome said Davis remains too dangerous to be free research suggests YouTube trailer views can predict how well filled us in theaters independent to tracking website box office report analyzing YouTube views of official movie trailer pages and fandango movieclips over the last two two years comparing them to fill the ticket sales opening weekend the data suggest YouTube may be better at determining how well the film will do in theaters in studio reviews ox krystin Goodwin Marvel's Avengers end game the most viewed trailer history according to The Hollywood Reporter with two hundred eighty nine.

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