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Just <Speech_Female> <Silence> <Speech_Music_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Silence> like is <Speech_Female> not gonna change. I think personally. <Speech_Female> I love <Speech_Female> mass especially <Speech_Female> when i <Speech_Female> feel a little under <Speech_Female> the weather. <Speech_Music_Female> Wear a mask. <Speech_Female> And no one's gonna blink. <Speech_Female> An there is it's going <Speech_Female> to be korea. I <Speech_Female> look. I <Speech_Female> see so many trends <Speech_Female> coming out of korea <Speech_Female> not just about <Speech_Female> beauty but <Speech_Female> consumer behavior shopping <Speech_Female> behaviors <Speech_Female> things that have been korea. <Speech_Female> Five to ten <Speech_Female> years. I see happy in the <Speech_Female> us. And <Speech_Female> i definitely see that. There's <Speech_Female> a lot of similarities. <Speech_Female> And there's <Speech_Female> people are very <Speech_Female> digitally <Speech_Female> focus <Speech_Female> in korea now <Speech_Female> and has been for <Speech_Female> a while and i see that trend <Speech_Female> translating <Speech_Female> over here <SpeakerChange> very quickly. <Speech_Female> Qr codes <Speech_Female> that was a new thing. The pandemic <Speech_Female> here <Speech_Female> this time <Speech_Female> because of restaurants how <Speech_Female> Eat <Speech_Female> outside outdoor. Dining <Speech_Female> that would qr <Speech_Female> codes were just rampant <Speech_Female> in asia for <Speech_Female> a good five to six <Speech_Female> years at least <Speech_Female> so i just see <Speech_Female> a lot of these <SpeakerChange> trends happening <Speech_Female> They're here to stay. <Speech_Female> I think it's so <Speech_Female> funny when we talk about. Qr <Speech_Female> codes because <Speech_Female> we were trying so <Speech_Female> hard to make those <Speech_Female> happen like four <Speech_Female> or five years ago <Speech_Female> and <Speech_Female> just people didn't want <Speech_Female> it and now were <Speech_Female> totally attuned <Speech_Female> to a sure <Speech_Female> that you know. I love <Speech_Female> that <Speech_Female> you know. You've taken <Speech_Female> such a personal purchase. <Speech_Female> Your business and you <Speech_Female> know. I know that extends <Speech_Female> to investment to <Speech_Female> and how <Speech_Female> you guys have boots rupture <Speech_Female> business and i'm <Speech_Female> just wondering you know in <Speech_Female> this climate when skin-care <Speech_Female> has been booming. And you <Speech_Female> know like you said said there's <Speech_Female> been retail interests. <Speech_Female> I'm sure <Speech_Female> investors have been <Speech_Female> approached. You as <Speech_Female> well like what's made the decision <Speech_Female> for you. Maybe <Speech_Female> not take <Speech_Female> investment. <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> You know. <Speech_Female> Even i talk <Speech_Female> about this all the time <Speech_Female> <SpeakerChange> <Speech_Female> We actually <Speech_Female> truly enjoy <Speech_Female> growing the <Speech_Female> business from grassroots <Speech_Female> approach. And i <Speech_Female> know that because <Speech_Female> we truly believe that <Speech_Female> the way to build <Speech_Female> community <Speech_Female> you're not gonna <Speech_Female> raise <Speech_Female> Like ten million dollars <Speech_Female> at and <Silence> build a community out of that <Silence> and <Speech_Female> you have <Speech_Female> to put in the work. <Speech_Female> It's a hard journey. <Speech_Female> It's uphill battle. <Speech_Female> You have to take <Speech_Female> your time building community <Speech_Female> but that's the way to <Speech_Female> do it.

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