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Tea exchange today get t into your body especially life change t the formula here the ingredients the unique blend of teas that are made care we haven't talked to care about this but we you an iv career like her daily routine with with life change tea and it's because we are health conscious victoria is i am that's one of the things one of the many things that brings us together that is in mind victoria in my mind and what we how we live our lives as similar in some respects are appreciation and respect for our bodies wanting to make sure that we put good things into our bodies that something we have in common and something hopefully we have in common with you you wanna eat well live well keep your body in good shape you hear me one of the reasons that we have some of the advertisers that we do listen they're not in a vacuum they listen to the program they know we talk about and so is advertiser supported in a program like this sometimes comes from what the hosts are talking about we talk about health a lot so that's we have life changed team we've got calatrava in other things that are good for your body and your soul so let's get to the bottom line here i'm drinking life changed he 'cause i want to cleanse my body of toxins mold i know i have parasites i mean that's kinda yucky but we all do we have really some really bad stuff even if you don't eat bad stuff you breathe bad stuff there's so much garbage in the air my god so it's cleanse it let's get it out of our bodies let's get rid of the pesticides herbicides and the processing the depletes the nutritional value of our food.

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