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Square Garden Oklahoma leading Notre Dame seventy eight seventy five sack has begun the long journey downstairs. You wanted to get him down there because he doesn't need to see the end of the game. So that he can properly ask coach Brady the questions, but this will ensure that our Gatorade post game interview will be here in a timely fashion. And the traveling party doesn't the Zach night here in New York City worst places to get stuck the we gotta get back. Got to. Coach brace first television show of the season on Thursday morning. Got a question for coach break for that. Show Email the jackdaw Nolan and en Vida. EDU Jack dot known it any questions for him, the actress's radio show doesn't begin until the first week of January. We'll have ten straight at a rooks at that time. And then the Irish head out to Los Angeles on Thursday night. They play a late game in terms of east. Coast time seven thirty Pacific ten thirty eastern time Saturday night and then get on a plane to fly on ISIS exams beginning Notre Dame on Monday. So a bit of a challenge for the freshman Irish may five of their last seven they trail Oklahoma now seventy eight seventy five after the big three by Gibbs who now has eighteen points to lead the Irish and he's four of six from three point land. So TJ who led the ACC and conference play last year at three point shooting getting it done here the shot fifty six percent here in the second half. But they've never led by more than two lead has changed hands six times in the game for two minutes and thirty seconds. Oklahoma thirty one minutes and thirty five seconds of leading Callixte with the basketball racist on the floor. Throws it out to Reynolds for three. It's no good rebound Goodwin after hub Irish trail by three three minutes remaining in the game. Gibbs with the basketball games puts it on the floor Gibbs between the circles Gibbs not a Pflueger Pflueger to the left of the top of the key. Alec Alex Gibbs fifteen in the shot clock hips dribbling between the circles between his legs twice driving at the top of the key step back Shuffler there. He gets knocked to the floor. No call. It's an air ball and the ball goes back to Oklahoma Oklahoma is known for this gritty defense and makes it hard to get into the paint. And the Irish could not penetrate that time to forty left seventy eight seventy five Oklahoma. They have the ball Reynolds. With the basketball throws a download of Christian James James, spins him, the lane. Does it off the glass and the robot kept alive by Harvey to gives gives over the record strike to hub of all the way to the hoop and the Irish are back to within one seventy eight seventy seven two twenty one remaining regulation time here comes Callixte with the basketball up top it comes to manic manic now right side. It goes to Reynolds Reynolds foul line extended up top. Now, it goes to James James fakes chopper from the top of the key is good Christian James with a huge bucket. He has twenty and it's eight hundred seventy seven trailing by three two minutes remaining regulation time.

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