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These actually just tack dangling donuts on to one of the most lyrical deaths in the English language so what are you doing there most of the actors who perform hamlet paying no attention to the phone they don't do the as they do their best to silence they die and it's done down to the left there but we met a guy who does do the grown up already I'm on another call which hi his name is mark Rydell we got from my my best lunette him backstage at the Longacre theater in New York City he was starring in a in a non Shakespeare about the show but he took us up to our cool dressing room it was there that he began to talk about the grounds was added by very careful editors to the folio in sixteen twenty three mark said he didn't think that Shakespeare actually wrote those those things probably an actor so so so when you when you direct just set down you looking at these for those on the page why didn't you think to yourself shut up because I guess I guess I've done it three hundred time setting up so is entered into the change into the difference particularly when he began to just consider the character of hamlet himself of all the characters who die in plays I think when most entry about what would happen that will make of it because right now it says remember not only is hamlet in unusually obsessed by death he went to a school where champions reason over mystery is a student of Wittenberg university he's part of the whole Protestant movement to the accurate study of nature he is moving away from superstition and.

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