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And I still think that the point being is that I still think Cam Newton could have a role on this team, even if he's not the starting quarterback, right? I think you can have value and Cam Newton as a runner when maybe it's cam, as the runner Mac Jones is the passing quarterback. This is a very College like thing to do. But I just think that there is there's a there's a chance of that something that they entertain especially with the Personnel that they have when they get down in the Red Zone. Yeah you can throw it up the answer. Henry can throw it to Johnny Smith and these guys are big targets and stuff down there but I think wow. Good behoove them to just be a power run team. Once they get inside the tent and just pull everybody over. And that could be really helpful. If you have a guy like Cam, Newton that can pull the ball and run with it too. So I wouldn't rule it out. Bill Belichick has never been a huge fan of it but I still feel like it's something that they may be entertained. At some point, I feel like Josh, McDaniels could talk him into it. If he says, look, this is going to be a really effective Red Zone package Max. Going to take us between the 20s to get us down there. Once we get inside the 5, I want to put cam in and have him, run the ball in San Jose, Ur. Yeah, I think that that can be something that we can talk about our everybody. And everybody I mean wants another wide receiver, Alex. We, we talked about this every single week. There's a million questions about Julio Jones, Odell Beckham jr. Wide receiver trades of those type of things we can go on our rants about. There's not a ton of reps to go around. They've already invested in Nelson Aguilar and Kendrick born and maybe that's not the sexy name that everybody wants. But those are the guys that they just paid into. Then bury those guys down the depth chart even further after they just give Nelson agholor over ten million dollars. For the 2021 season doesn't make much Financial sense but this is the question that I guess most are the Patriots. Can add a wide receiver is a big-name wide receiver trade on the table. What are your thoughts? I mean maybe it is if a team wants to get dumb. If Atlanta wants to give you Julio Jones for for Thursday. Sure. I just again I I don't know. You know, you look at the majority of the market that's out there right now and people have asked me about Golden Tate, right? Is a popular name that comes up, you know, suck. We'll have floated in D Isabella, where's this guy playing is Andy Isabella better than Nelson agholor? No, right is, he better than Jacoby Myers song watch at best? I'd call that a wash it. Best for Andy, Isabella, that's it. Again, your top two receivers. I don't know why people can't get this through their heads..

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