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Middle resistance here. Peppy already has a goal to his name Is Ricardo. Peppy Touched wide and legit puts it away for the USA Ford all four in the second half for a 41 victory. The call from CBS Sports Network just the second time the Americans have one after trailing at halftime in World Cup qualifying. They now have five points through three games. Mexico leads the group with seven. The Dodgers losing in ST Louis last night. 54 after the Giants afternoon win at Coors Field, So l. A is now to back in the N L West. The Padres outscored the Angels 85 while the Reds lost at Wrigley for one in 10. So San Diego has a one game lead on since the for the second annual wild card. The A's beat the White Sox 512 in a four game skid, and the Blue Jays beat the Yankees 63 for a seven game win streak. Toronto now a game and a half behind the Yangs for the last playoff spot in the A. L. Sidney Crosby is having wrist surgery, will miss the start of the NHL season. His Penguins will also begin the year without getting Malcolm, who had knee surgery in June. Novak Djokovic reaches the US Open semi finals with a four set win over Matteo Beretta. Teeny Djokovic now two wins away from the calendar year. Grand Slam D a back to you. Thank you much Bogue's. Now we have announced that more as is taking on Connor Green. In the year long football bets, competition, football picks and the bets have to be decided. And so I've got some ideas for possible punishments, which I'm going to pitch to Morales coming up here next. If you have suggestions of Conor versus more as certainly let me know on Twitter at D, A on CBS again at D A on CBS or on the phones, I'd love to get your phone calls as well on this. Possible suggestions because you guys have helped us out before it's how we got to the bird seed bed in Central Park from the listeners, But I've got some ideas with a pitch Morales them Next, D, a CBS Sports radio. We all know that hate crimes, harm victims and strike fear into our communities and a hate crime is a criminal offense against a person or property motivated by an offender's bias against race, religion, ethnicity, national origin, disability, gender, gender, identity or sexual orientation. And guess what? The FBI is committed to combating hate crime and seeking justice. So if you have been a victim or witness to a hate crime dial 1 800. Call FBI or submit a tip at tips dot FBI dot gov protecting our communities together. Report hate Crimes ATTENTION.

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