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Good evening welcome to coast to coast am your host for the evening dave schrader and tonight it's a night of fear fear it's it's a universal human experience but do we really understand it if if we're so terrified of monsters and serial killers why do we flock to theaters to see them why do people avoid thinking about death but jump out of planes and swim with sharks well our guest is here to enlighten us and give us some insights to the science of fear margie kerr is associated who moonlights at one of america's scariest haunted houses and she has seen grown men cry and pushed their loved ones aside as they run in terror and she's kept careful notes on what triggers these responses she's here with us this evening to discuss fears universal human experience and margie thank you so much for being here grabby here thank you for having me man we do love fear don't we from the highest roller coasters to horror movies or door or movies as they've turned into over the last decade here why are we so fascinated with putting ourselves in situations that we are terrified or fearful of war there's a lot of reasons and it's something that we have done as a species really for most of our our history if you look back through time you can find lots of different examples of people choosing to scare themselves either through telling stories around the campfire or doing things like sliding down hills that are covered in ice but we have always kind of a way to push ourselves in ways they're scary but also ended up being enjoyable or serving some function.

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