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33% capacity. These changes take effect April 1st, regardless of to your status. Jensen Raider News 93.1 KFBK Major League Baseball has chosen Sacramento River Cat's owner, Susan Savage to chair a group of minor league owners. It'll become minor League Baseball's diversity Equity and inclusion committee. River Cats general manager Chip Maxon Susan for a long time it has just been recognized as one of the best leaders and minor league baseball. Regardless, you know, male female or or anything else and When you do break it down and you look at number of women running minor league baseball team. The list is is very short. And so we're thrilled Susan's honored that she was asked to be a part of this this organization and she takes this this honor very seriously and excited about making the difference in the future of baseball. The EI committee will work to create a nurture a diverse and inclusive culture on and off the field for players, fans and communities. It's six or six on the kfbk. Afternoon news with Kitty O'Neil. Alright, Thanks, Joe. Yes, Susan Savage. Fantastic. All right. You could now take a thrilling journey through prehistoric times with dinosaurs right here in Sacramento. Gave the case Nick Yamagata has today survived the Jurassic quest. The roar of the T. Rex, maybe one you encounter at Jurassic last family friendly drive through experience kicks off today at Sutter Health Park. Dinosaur trainer Dino Dustin, who keeps the Dino's tamed and trained, tells people what to expect when they embark on Jurassic Quest as you, jack. There you are accompanied by an audio tour that tells you all about the dinosaurs. Type of dance which.

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