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Live at the red barn studios, you're listening to animal radio. Here's how and Judy. Okay, we're just getting used to things here. This may not make a difference to you, but to us, we are in brand new studios, the red barn studios here today. Great decor. After 19 years of doing animal radio, it's about time we get some new studios. We are moments away from Burt Ward and we're also moments away from a quick check in the news with miss Laurie Brooks in our animal radio newsroom. Coming up. The opioid crisis not just affecting people. And we'll discuss addiction with animals. Is that possible? Oh, I never thought of that. I bet they can get addicted. Okay, that's on their way in just a few minutes. Let's go to your calls right now. And we're going for a call for doctor Debbie. We have Jim. Hey, Jim. How are you doing? Good. I've got two small dogs. And they've got, I don't know which one is the most or they both if one just ate the whole thing or the other one did not get any. What did they get into? Pork rinds. Oh, was this a full bag of pork rinds? I would be probably about a half a bag. Okay, all right. Well, is anybody showing any symptoms as so far? Not so far, but I have no longer what the dogs right now. I had to hit the road and so my wife is watching them, but we did have one years ago that we gave them pork chop fat. And she died from it. I don't understand. We got to back up here because I'm completely confused. Pork rinds are not good for dogs. Okay, pork rinds are really high and fat. It's basically the deep fried fat from pork. And it's going to have a lot of salt in it. So it's kind of cured. So because of those two things, the high fat and the high salt content, it definitely can be problematic. Now, depending on who got it and how much was ingested by each particular dog, this may be something as simple as some stomach upset with diarrhea or vomiting. I do tend to see in dogs to get into this kind of thing. You will even see a greasy nature to the stools when they're passing their stools. So that would definitely be, I'd say, on the lower end of the concern level. On the higher end of the concern level is something pancreatitis, which I might be suspicious might have been what was going on with your other baby. Because we know that in dogs, when they eat a high fat meal, like get into the garbage, they get into the leftover things, good and goodies and overdo it. It can trigger a problem with the pancreas, where too many of the digestive enzymes are released, it causes abdominal pain, vomiting, can be very serious. It can be life threatening. So that would be on the higher end of my concerned spectrum. And I think with that, that would really, for your situation, Jim, I would honestly say we'd have to watch and see how we're doing if we saw any symptoms of anyone not eating, having vomiting or just abdominal pain when you kind of touch their belly and kind of just gently squeeze if they groan or kind of cry out. That would be a pet I'd get to the veterinarian right away. But because we don't know who got what and how much it may just be a matter of watching and waiting there. Yeah, should we maybe wean them off of food for a little while and how recently did this happen? Just yesterday. Just yesterday. Well, normally if I have a dog that gets into something that they shouldn't. One thing you can do is for some dogs, we will actually give a little bit of food along the time just to give them something else with some bulk. If it's already been sent yesterday, I would probably just hold them off and a fast for at least 12 hours. Just to see what happens. And if you get past the point of 24 hours without incidents, you're going to be hopefully okay. Maybe still having some diarrhea at that point. But that'll be kind of the point of going, and hopefully we'll be past that and another 12 hours. Yeah, okay. We lost, she did have pancreas. Something wrong with her pain free is passed. So we're concerned about it. Yeah, definitely. So if we would have caught these guys and I'd be talking to you right after this happened, I'd probably be talking about some foods or some things we can do, but at this point, I think you're in the watch and wait mode there. Okay, so far, there's not really showing any symptoms. Good, good. All right, thank you. Thanks for your call, Jim fingers crossed there. One 8 6 6 four O 5 8 four O 5 to connect with our Dream Team. What kind of foods would you give in this dog after? If it was just right after. There are certain foods that counteract pork rinds. I'm mostly I would just be giving something with some carbohydrates, so whether that be just a dry kibble for sometimes I'll actually give bread believe it or not, just if it's something I want to absorb, something that's really greasy. But yeah, usually just a good solid dog meal would be something I'd give them. So pork rinds can't be good for humans, can they? You know, I don't know. I think anything in moderation, I just, you know, you got to watch. There's a lot of salt in these suckers. If you've ever, I can't say I've eaten a full bag, because I usually get greased a mouth after a while. But they really do make you thirsty. So that would be the other thing for Jim to be ready for. Lots of drink and lots of pee in there. Good to know. Okay. You're listening to animal radio, call the Dream Team now with the free animal radio app for iPhone and Android.

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