LEO, France, Hitler discussed on Ground Zero with Clyde Lewis


Leo he is the lion he is the king he is the son he is the solar son we asked me that symbiosis athlete at symbolic g there has to be all that leader and followers stuff it's all about though one cannot exist without without the idolatry associated with the adoration of the critical mass so this in mind you may want to look over the leaders of the world the perhaps ask yourself who has the potential to be the world messianic figure who and what leader has the charisma to hold that position remember we talked about mccrone france saying that he wanted to rule france like jupiter jupiter the equivalent of zeus zeus the god of god chances are i mean chances are the leader that will be this new leader this new externally savior will be somebody that that the world we very fond of someone who you already think would be occur is manic leader whom you will stand by even though his policies and plans are not what our best for the world in history it is necessary to admit the awful truth that people are far more responsible for bringing a hitler into the world is the leader himself bait may permit the actions of these leaders they think they're messianic because of the deep relationship that has been cultivated through social generic and there there's been and always will be chris radical leaders it will be in the public eye and they will get the same attention only reserved for a god and it is the idea for external savior that answers to a corrupt church or a philosophy but is a critical part of dispensational list and times prophecy every time the darkening of the sun ushers in a time of the dark patriarch whose aim is to tear down the pillars of the universe in order to rebuild exhibit a re rebuild it in his image the metaphor is the dark sun the dark father the dark soul to be embraced in the end times using the a called blind words of dark figures being seen in the literature and how they're being revered in the literature of the times the.

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