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This in sanely relative to every person this is so relevant you could have gotten arrays for fifty cents a paycheck. Yeah in this is a seven for you or you could have gotten a ten thousand dollar raise in. This is a two for you. This is so this is so relative. And i feel i feel like a dick young. I was just going to say. I feel sad giving myself the score that i'm giving myself you go first. Okay i give myself a two. And it's not i'm okay and i'm fine and i'm comfortable and i'm happy. Sorry i keep. I keep banging my jacket on the table and daring jacket. Got him making her double matt. We are trying to buy a house. And i am d pressed at how expensive they are in. La for what we want like. We don't even want a lot. We are being so humble in so wholesome about like our little tiny ass like clean cute place and we can't find anything. That's under y'all if i know you are listening all over america world and you're gonna cry but we cannot find a decent and again not not high standards very low standards like two bedroom. Our square footage of the house is one thousand. Two hundred and fifty square feet is our up. yeah but like. That's the vibe. We're looking for like one bathroom to bed. Because we both work from home would love three bed but not a must need a little bit of yard space for the dog. The dogs. But like not not a moss. We'll figure figured out. We can't find anything for under one million two hundred thousand dollars. Imagine that let's you go. You know what our budget's going to be a million which is the worst thing ever nearly a million dollars so much. I didn't even know what that looks like. And we go like okay. Our budgets million. We can afford a million dollars and there is. It's shacks in la. It's not even you can't even buy the land for that. You cannot even buy property in not even a nice area. We're not y'all when i say this i'm not talking about like hollywood west. Hollywood beverly hills. I'm not talking about even if you. La sherman oaks. I'm not even talking about that. Van is not even talking about that. I'm like an hour out of la. It's just it's it's frustrating. And i feel like my entire life. I've had the privilege of focusing on. When i worry about money. It becomes a worry. If i just let it happen. It happens anytime. I've ran out of money..

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