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Here we we felt so guilty that we said if you get someone new record it like, please give them all the money. But we're going to really regret that I want a million dollars soon. So the song is good. It's actually really good. I don't think well because I have these positive where I haven't heard the show for a while. And we're recording new shows. So when it yeah, when I heard it, I thought it was good when she was singing kind of acoustic. And then when I heard I wish I could just I should have brought it today and just played it for you. I would love to have watched your face like listen. Well, listen to it. So we did this whole experience. Would you like a mini interview? I was actually interviewing you a lot on the episode. And that was the annoying thing. Lewis is that I am three episodes into my own podcast jazz. And I'm starting to talk about where I love and what my difficulties were in challenges and overcoming them. And I was like got hypnotized Louis. I've heard you do this to people. Did it to the by? I think we had the editor cut most. Then I remember saying in the thing. Well, I see what you did hear cut this. Yeah. You try you're trying to turn it on me. It was fun though. Man. A lot of what you were talking about in your life was then in the song. You remember sim said at the beginning. He's listening this right? The anthem for LA. There's no anthem for LA. And then we just torn down immediately. Like, no wanna write something that's like really real anthem for LA. Yeah. Because he's like New York anthem. I mean, it's a good idea worth to make money. Yeah. Exactly. Very say. So amazing, man. Well, I'm excited view. The show is going to be amazing. And we started here. This pop this hit number one song, but you you've had an incredible journey because you kinda came into fame as a teen star. And I remember you told me I think when we met you had zero jobs before that. I mean, we did like one play or wasn't something like small never acted before. I'd worked at Suncoast video Stanford mall to Dunkin donuts. So that was kind of extent of my fifteen sixteen seventeen you'll. Yeah. And me like my mom had to drive me because my driver's license. And then I had a really weird thing happened to me, which is I haven't told the story in a long time to tell it all to America at the beginning of when I started on seven show, which is I was in high school play. I'm I was not that. I'm the athlete turned entertainer that you are. I was on the varsity tennis team the schools boarding school in New Hampshire, and I was like three hundred students or something. I mean, even like making varsity is like you just have to be one of the twelve. Most people at tennis and I sprained my ankle. And I had these little parts in the school play, you know, Pasco plays they done. So I tried out for the for the lead. And I got it. And it was a big kind of scandal because I wasn't like a drama kid and some of the drama geeks. At the school said we were going to not do the show and have a boycott it and they got over that. And then I mean, there's still probably mad about it. Because these producers who were the parents of the girl who made the sets were these big time Hollywood producers. I mean, they were just like, my friend Lindsay's parents, right, right? But they called I was going to school USC. So I got here to USC the next year they'd been developing a seventy show, and they called me and said would you like to come try out for I just been rejected from the film school? The only reason I went to USAA been rejected three times. So I kind of had no idea what I was doing in my life. And I'd never addition for anything outside of like school plays. See this one school play and. Her parents, my actor friends hate when I tell the story, but. The head of FOX at the time..

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