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All he can do is really slice. Fruits and vegetables isn't Anthony Yeah. I don't know if you put like Avocados in a blender because you take a little bit of control of their daily stance it's like I don't want to give them things that they can't replicate. I WanNa get and stuff like you can actually do you make put Sola liquid he was he gonNA teach. Pathology Cram that it's like really smart is like no what he's actually doing. He's just being a really good friend. Hey nine times. He's just like a Web. Headline just walks into an episode of television television when he's getting Sean or someplace else he's sort of like verizon and he's like the he does have great moments. I think that there are some episodes. Were there are great. Crumbs Evian is a he's a national treasure and that's what we should do. A movie about is finding. He's Gone Messing with peg heck yeah. I don't know what any of you guys talking about. But I remember Ted Allan Allan he rule for Teddy Bear. I mean just like a teddy bear. No Ted America's favorite movie star. Oh No I don't you don't mean Fox he literally we're not talking about the parts began Dan. I said that I was like I guess I forgot. It's gone. It's gone out of the head. Haunts me burned in my memory. Every time I close my eyes is I see Ted fucking a woman with Parsa Yeah but the thing about the all that is like Seth Macfarlane even is sort of like yeah. I don't know I kind of just WanNa make my space. My sincere zero star trek show now yeah you know he's calm. I get everyone was into that for a while but I feel like now just doing the Orrville on Hulu. It's just crazy see how big the first head was. We talked about this on the buck on this seth Macfarlane Voices Curtis that could be a good alternate casting if they do the pork roses well because McFarland does have that like Sinatra reborn bad vibe God. That's of all of Seth Macfarlane's vibes many Richard bed. That's that's one of the worst the Martha uncanny or I don't know something about it. That feels like no one asked for this Do you know what his album standards. Maybe he's made several now forget. It's on the tip of my tongue to music is better than words. Hey I believe is the title I think that's what it's called. God you know how Richie is you're correct. Yeah you can take a guess eight hundred twenty one million two hundred million. Maybe seems low gave them like Oprah. Income like Oprah income there was so much higher than two hundred yeah yeah anyway well whatever he also made an album called holiday for swing third studio album. No one ever tells you you smoking a cigarette fourth album in full swing eight hundred twenty one's a little absurd pretty high. That's like Spielberg number. He's he's been going hard. Maybe Fox victim on American dad or something I don't know I know we've done talking about worker rose. We got more of a poker. Okay another thing I like. I like the Curtis. Is this like Hollywood leading man type especially of that era like literally security about the fact he's not agrily a tough guy right right this actor action star kind of thing that goes back to to like you know John Wayne not serving in the war or you know he's. He can't back up his right right right right that like he wants to be. Be a movie star and be the press he wants to have these performance of rules but he hates the Gina likes a fucking pig more than him because he actually gets his hand hand stirred. She's chill about it. Though yeah the whole show for airfield yeah yeah I like the pig PORCO show because he's drinking wine and smoking all all the time but he has over committed just give no Fox because entire movie and we'll talk about her beautiful dream Gone Curse makes the proposal to her and she's like look. I be honest. I made a promise to myself. There's one man I love and he only visits me at night and my restaurant but if he ever comes here and on his plane when I'm in my garden I'll know and I can't I can't leave behind the chance of that happening pretty devastating stating for Curtis honest where she's like not only am I rejecting you but I've pinned my hopes on pig visiting me when I'm in my garden and then similarly devastating ever sitting he flies by like right when she's saying Oh my God here. Here's here's here's here's happening and he's gone and I love. The movie ends on the I'm not I'm not gonNa tell you if you ever showed up. Is there a little secret I became friends with Gina for the rest of my life Porco and I we kind of lost touch not that felt that felt very true. Grit to me when she likes shows up and they're like yeah he just died on the end of trigger just her walking through the sanitary and she's like well. I'm comes first all credits masterpiece by the way yeah underrated people not putting into their tops of the twenty lists crazy great movie. Have you seen grip yes. Yes I know just in that you rarely watch movies thirteen movies really you're not a big movie wants Guy Fall you love sky fall you more of a td guy no yeah like animated. I play video games issue like Milton. I have tank shared on the pocket book Mama Over second-generation too big cow okay okay. It's a shady video-game Ashida Video Shandy Guy Getting into no shady guy a Shittier shady shady because we should he do do. I'll tell you what I'll tell you fucking the teams that play Rainbow Succeed or shady but that's you're talking more about the player hate the players the the game by a she wants a game guy who's like Kinda scummy and his kind of way with the modern day Max Payne. I'm in a game where you have to virtually take pills. You know that's yeah I don't. I don't know what would you name is like the last thing I can think of like grand theft auto got a lego pirates of the Caribbean. Oh shit okay scoundrels in that one love scown dirtiest of the Lago Games scalawags Allie wags and scofflaws what do like Lego Body Heat. They start just making like full on sex norm nothing LEGO. What's it called blasted auction? I would love I would love if they did like you know. Of course we did like a star wars. We went through all those homes we did Indiana Jones went through all those films we thought it was time we.

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