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The world commemorating the riots which arrived in response to a police raid at a new york gay bar in one thousand nine hundred sixty nine when asked if president trump has redefined the republican party during an abc interview on this week republican us senator from arizona jeff flake says when former gop house speaker john bainer commented that this is the president's party he was speaking the truth the mark sanford loss clarified something if it wasn't clarified before you can't as a republican these days stand in in opposition to some of the president's policies or or not condone his behaviour and expect to win a republican primary that's the reality and then we're seeing that played out now i don't think that that will last but that is a reality right now meantime on cbs is face the nation today tennessee republican senator bob corker said there's growing support on capitol hill for legislation that would limit president trump's ability to impose tariffs saying there is in corker zwirn words eight jailbreak bruins corker is trying to get an amendment attached to any bill at this point that would essentially make it tougher for the president to use his authority to put tariffs on other countries on national security grounds he's saying putting tariffs on our good friends in canada and in europe is basically turning america into a pariah it is not getting us better trade deals is just getting us a trade war face the nation moderator margaret brennan overseas tension in the skies over the israeli border with syria israel fired a patriot missile at a drone that approached its airspace from syria the military said the missile did not hit the unmanned aircraft and it retreated from the border in february israel shot down an armed iranian drone that entered its airspace and then retaliated with heavy air strikes on iranian targets in syria correspondent robert berger reporting from jerusalem turkey's leader says unofficial results show he's won re election we still do not know what the final results will be in the most contested election that turkey has seen in recent years there is a lot at stake the new president would have sweeping powers is he secures more than fifty percents of the world's then there will be a runoff celine garrett bbc reporter and estan bul watching and waiting for the final results overseas ww j news time is eight thirty six where following developing news on the city's east side a small plane reportedly crashes near city airport authorities have been dispatched at this moment we don't know of any injuries stay with ww jay for the latest a maintenance worker lost his footing in an accident involving a tractor and another vehicle and amid michigan race track pete bad girl was driving a tractor friday evening at tricity motor speedway in bay counties williams township that tractor and a truck.

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