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Oh man opposite issues we go all right i want you to tell me i want you to tell me what you're getting this wine five words or less five words or less that's me tastes i say it's very light tastes them acid in that in a very very pleasant fashion say acidity i let me just go back would you spend thirty five dollars on this i would yeah i call a pin a flower fruit to it i think peaches and pears getting little peaches and pears take typical of seven block each impairs is ari moscow guess if the drinking it tastes not here yet he's not he's not really here he's in the green room moving along from this one we got because we do have the guys are waiting street in here just to say before we do blank staff the front cover of life magazine is delicious it's the two thousand sixteen from russian valley name i love it i like you know what i'm thinking here i just have a big grand idea how about before we taste the next one we jump into this next one we bring on we bring on one on one guy one guy right this one the other one is worse deep come on we'll bring them both on with us right now the director star residents soon to be your all time favorite short film director marco saffron yeah well starred in it as well i'm just the director.

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