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Week's episode. We can't wrap this Hungarian Grand Prix review up without talking about the Hungarian Grand Prix. Fortunately though, there are two main topics from this one. One, Max Verstappen, one hand on the title. Now, we already talked about it being decided after France, blown out to 80 points. That means he can finish second for the rest of the year, or if he wins the next 5 races, he'll win the title in Japan. So Ferrari have gone. Okay, we now remember how to build fast cars. So we've got that damn pat. But in terms of it's like the old Jerry, it's like that Seinfeld thing. You're happy to take the reservation. You just don't know how to fold. The reservation. So you can design these very fast cars, but you don't know what to do with it. Big Carlos. Even when the drive is going, are you sure real? What are you doing? So yeah, Ferrari just haven't quite worked that point out yet. And I remember I gave Ferrari the benefit of the debt last week when you said that just not ready to win the title yet they're close, but they're not ready. I'm like, surely they could turn it around. This was it. This was it. This is where they use another Australian expression. This is where they shoot the bed. Oh, yes. Because this like I had done. They can't come back. Because making all these errors. And to the point where, yeah, if the drivers narrow where the errors are and it's frustrating to them. It's disappointing because it's not every day you get a Ferrari. That good. It's very cool. It was a faster car on the weekend. It was one of the Grand Prix Max Verstappen spun out of the lathe by some mysterious gust of wind. And still manages to overtake the was it both Ferraris in the entity? Well, you only had to overtake with Claire on the track. I think I'm pretty sure. Science was in the pit stops. Yeah, so there was an era and he still recovered from it. And Ferrari was supposed to be the quicker car on the way. He started tenth. Is that a tenth? Yeah, so yeah, they're done. It's really bad. They're closer now to Mercedes in the standings than the other Red Bull. So the 97, I think, behind Red Bull. 30 ahead of Mercedes. 30 points. Charles Leclerc is 80 points behind Verstappen as we said. He's only 20 ahead of George Russell. He has to win a Grand Prix in his life. He's 20 points behind Charlotte Clare, which I say. Are we willing to say, I think I might be willing to say, I hope Ferrari comes back stronger after the break, but on the other hand, you know, since it would be wasted because they're not going to win the championship. No. I think Mercedes will not only beat them to second in the constructor standings. I think at least one Mercedes driver is going to finish your head of Charles Leclerc. Mercedes driver, they might not even win a race and still do it. Could George Russell become the first world champion to win a world championship without. Just purely by just turning just by turning up. Just my favorite champion. The stealth champion. Yes, great nickname. I'd love to say it. Not a fan of the behavior last year, but I actually would love to say it. It's completely different now. Well, it's not completely different now, but it's a bit different now. With George Russell, he's nice. People like him. Yeah. It is staggering to think that he has a more of an outside chance than shot look low. Does it this stage? It is, do you remember the aisle never forget? I was walking out of the Australian Grand Prix with a colleague. And everyone was talking about this. So it's not even a unique story. David Croft is not interesting story. But we're walking out wondering when Ferrari was going to how early they were going to wrap up the title. Dominated in Australia. But clay was 43, 43 points. 43 points up in the standings after three rounds. He's now 80 behind. Yeah, 80 behind. It's a 123 point ship to Verstappen. It only ten rounds. That's more than ten around. Yeah, you know it's bad when it's right digits. That's frustrating. It's to go. Yeah. I tell you what. On right uno on Ferrari 360. Toronto and Roberto. Instead of the third is like the Peter oven.

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