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White House Secretary Press secretary Jen Psaki said this afternoon. The White House intends to lead by good example. Federal workforce is one of the largest in the country, and we would like to be a model to what we think other businesses and organizations should do around the country President is expected to address the nation on his six point plan shortly, You'll hear it here on KFBK. By the way Yosemite National Park, ending its day use reservation system at the end of this month. Park officials say the temporary system would only be in place through September 30th or until local public health conditions approved and Wall Street closing. With all three major indexes in the red as the Dow lost ground for the fourth straight day, investors are cautious as they try to perceive what happens next with the Delta variant that our reserve and the economic reopening at the closing bell Dow losing one 151 points to 34 8 79 S and P 500 dropping 20 points to 44 93. The NASDAQ fell by 38 points to 15 to 48. Traffic and weather together. Brought to you by Bonnie Plumbing, heating and air on our roadways. Westbound 50 Folsom Boulevard. Just getting reports of a couch cushion and the number three lane. It's probably a quite very cushy couch cushion. What about 50? Full symbol of our Because the look at Elkhorn Boulevard Tech can't tell away minor injury collision Working there Westbound Camp City. You got some slow traffic as it makes its way. Toward midtown, starting around Arden, and by the time we get to the river, you're going to break free. Also North 99 trying to get to midtown, the heavy and that starts just after fruit Bridge..

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