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The pilot wrote this jazz score with i had a a jazz bucket player like those guys down in the in the in the subway that you see with playing the buckets that was sort of the drum set for and everything was really jazzy and one of the studio exempt said you can't do jazz in tv people don't understand jazz you can't use jazz in a television show and i'm like literally this was the comment and the score got thrown out and i ended up not scoring the the show thankfully because it's been a nightmare but i remember thinking are you kidding so every time you try to do something different in this town there's someone there to slap you down and tell you why you shouldn't know we can't be different it must all be the same or else we won't make any money people only will eat the same thing over and over again thing about the incredible says you i think you're watching a period film because it's because the music is so reminiscent of of that stuff of sixty stuff there's a little nova in there i watched i watched it last night and the see the scene where bob is is kind of getting his mojo back yes yeah and you're playing you're playing i mean i'm almost feeling like i'm listening to sergio mendez in the brasil sixty six and i know this because i know you so long i know you're this comes from listening that your father's records in the basement yes i love that stuff so much just pouring everything in there yeah my watching it with my wife and she says it's like we're watching a retro superhero movie yes set in nineteen sixty two or sixty and the design element on the design everything they're all works together when you're looking at it and you're just like wow it's it is a big throwback and i i love it for that but there's not many you don't get that many chances to do things like that in this town tell tell gilbert to and he'll he'll get off on this you scored and was this for for i think for jj for cloverfield you you did a tribute to japanese monster movies yes i did i did i love of godzilla movies and we yeah exactly i love those things sheila dig recently i well he's been sick yeah he he was the guy who is god silla oh yes yeah the guy in the cost yeah years ago yeah yes but i as a kid growing up i mean i grew up outside of philadelphia so they had this thing creature double feature on saturdays and we would watch me and my brother anthony that's where we were at one pm whenever it starts that's where we were watching it and so much of it were we're films like that but that's where also found my love of ray harry housing you know and willis o'brien and all your did you life like men that i love stop motion and i loved anything that had to do with a guy in a suit and smashing a city i was in for that i was i all in in fact i was telling you frank about the short film that i just you with pat with patent and the and the film is literally guy that does that all that's larry and it is it's it's you guys are completely cut out of the same cloth so you must've been matico oh no no he we're good friends but he was not happy with me because the suit was like like i explained the stormtrooper suit this suit was even worse because it was like three hundred degrees in the suit he had to wear so cash and hatton as a as a guy who puts on a monster suit and steps on cities yes attic and i heard willet show brian he also did the original lost world silent movie yes yes that's right and and then they called him back to do the claude rains lost world you know in color and right around and everything and.

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