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And coverage of tonight's game begins here on WTMJ at seven o'clock now elsewhere in the NBA playoffs, things are getting really interesting in Atlanta in Los Angeles, 6.6 to go. Here comes Jake Milton Milton across three seconds. Milton right side to Curry. His three pointer is too late one They love the Hawks have to be to develop help You 70 Sixers and tied the series at two W. Z G. C in the A. C L on the call there. The Hawks tying up the series with the Sixers and the Clippers evening up their series with the top seeded Utah Jazz as well. How about this all three active series now tied at two games apiece, compelling stuff in the playoffs, the Phoenix Suns, the only team to already admits to the conference finals. After sweeping the Denver Nuggets in baseball, the newest brewer makes his debut in the team's tended to lost to the Reds pitcher Hunter Strickland is acquired over the weekend from the Angels. His season began with the race where he was phenomenal with 1.6 90 are a After going to the Angels. He struggles with an E. R. A close to 10. The Brewers are hoping to get the Tampa results. He throws one scoreless inning in his debut Monday night. Take through a lot of strikes. And he's got a good good heater and he threw a slider for strikes tonight. So it was a good inning for him and, um, using accordingly. Moving forward manager Craig Counsell the Brewers are Strickland's seventh major league club at American Family Field. Matt Paulie WTMJ sports The Brewers looking to bounce back against the Reds tonight coverage on our sister station 94 5. ESPN starts at 6 35. And finally in football. The Packers continuing their mandatory minicamp practices today in Green Bay, treating him now a little over a month away, Jean Luc better under this box game tonight. One of the biggest things I'm going to be keeping my eyes on is how the game is officiated in Game three. The Bucks really tried to ugly things up and squeak out a victory. And that's exactly what they did 86 to 83..

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