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Governor John Hickenlooper caught on a cell phone camera telling a crowded New Hampshire that he's running for president. But was it a slip up a joke or the truth? Kind of. Tough to hear there. He says he is running for president but Hickenlooper then quickly tells the small crowd. He hasn't absolutely made a final decision yet. And then backtrack saying there would be all kinds of ramifications. If he absolutely said he was going to run he has said in the past that he'll announce something February or March of next year the governor's race in Georgia getting all sorts of attention as the Republican candidate faces accusations of voter suppression. A federal judge has ordered an injunction requiring the state to stop throwing out absentee ballots. We're the signatures didn't match and put them on provisional status instead giving voters a chance to clear up there discrepancies. Oprah will join former President Barack Obama campaigning for the democrat in that race Stacey Abrams while Republican Brian camp is getting the backing of President Trump. There were scheduled to be a debate between the two coming up on Sunday sounds like camp will no longer participate campus, and the only Republican that President Trump is stumping four in the final push before the election just five days to go. He's betting voters will go to the polls. Support of his policies on immigration and crime in the final push towards election day. President Trump says he'll send three times the US military personnel currently in Iraq to the southern border. We have to have a wall of people pledging between ten and fifteen thousand military personnel. Have caravans coming up that look a lot larger than this reported actually admit I'm pretty good at estimating crowd size. Democrats are accusing the president of stoking fears saying that he is painting a group of impoverished migrants from Central America as dangerous criminals. Lana Zak ABC news, Washington. Student voting is affected by stamp buying a lot of college kids are eligible to vote for the first time, but many of them not taking part because they don't have stamps to mail in their absentee ballots f why don't mail your ballot now anyway at won't get to its destination in time to be counted. Just drop it off at one of those ballot boxes. The US northern. Command says troops from Peterson air force base. And fort Carson will be a big part of the effort to prevent a caravan of Central American migrants. From illegally entering the US. The mission is being dubbed operation. Faithful. Patriot. The caravan is now eight hundred miles away from the southern border north com. Says at least seven thousand troops will be supporting the department of homeland security in California, Arizona, and Texas but north com did not give the exact number of personnel. That will be deployed from Colorado jury Bill KOA NewsRadio. It's been a long night. For folks waiting in. The hopes of getting a permit for anything from the four twenty rally to five and ten k races to concerts and venues coal cozy wants to reserve the Cheesman park pavilion for her upcoming wedding. Just came from work. But my fiance's should bring reinforcements as far as clothes and food.

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