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Not. Okay just making sure listen. We appreciate your listening Larry You. Stay healthy and hold a great needs to talk to you about. What we're. Doing? Is Linked Larry it's our pleasure. It's our pleasure. Hold on one second. Wow! Did you see what has happened there? We Lost Karen or Susan. Had to go speak to the manager. And so Larry was accidentally in the right place at the right time, and he wanted thousand dollars. Like what are the chances of that happening? How cool is that? It was meant to be He. He probably is needed the money and he's. Super, appreciative stars sounded so now. What's GonNa Happen With Susan? She's pissed. We do. would. Like Gandhi what we do! She's GonNa want to speak to the manager. Mike Gandhi. Mike is off. Your. By the way, nate is latest freaking out right now. He's just move on what Naples thrown I think. That's kind of funny. What happened? Why? Why do we have to move on? I don't know. The Rock. You can't sweep this under the rug. Mean Susan. Susan didn't win. I mean isn't that a part of the rules they have to be on the line and then if we if we lose them, it's what we do. For Susan sitting there and she wants she thought you know whatever Scotty be. Contest rules we all did, and it's usually it goes to one zero one. If we lose the caller that is that is. Okay Scotty shifted, said yes. She's GonNa. Ask speak to the manager. Of We don't have a manager. He's at home. All right so from now on, do we all vote that nate is the manager nate. You're the manager. Manager! All right. We'll give you brody's home phone number all right. Let's get into the Daniel. And, thank you to orbit gum. Thanks to orbit gum. They're going to send Larry One thousand dollars with the free money. Sorry. Susan's Ali. Alicia keys is going to be on the phone in little under an hour. Her New Book came out yesterday I've already started thumbing through it on audible. You can actually thumb through your audible and It's interesting. It's interesting. Hell how she got started. It's amazing. I'm going to ask her the question about the piano. Her neighbors left behind when they moved. That's why she became a superstar. You'RE GONNA love. Love this all right. Let's get into the Daniel report. Go ahead all right. We'll follow along with this one, so we talked about Cardi. B. Wanting to start a go fund me for Tiger King Joe. Exotic right so supposedly. She had started it, and then it got taken down because you really can't start a go. Fund me for somebody WHO's in prison. This is not right. You just can't be right. Says well. Wait a minute. That wasn't me I was only kidding didn't really start at go fund me, Bay somebody else started I. Guess in my name will merely. There's a video going around of Joe Exotic. Complaining that he wasn't allowed to use the N. word, he wanted to use it. He's and everybody else is allowed to use A. why can I use it and then apparently carting fry him say that, and then she said to throw his ass in jail. So that's the new story today. Smoke I don't agree I mean Joe. Exotic should be in jail. Don't we all agree on that I mean. Every single person in that Docu series should be in jail for something everyone. There's not one innocent in that group. Yeah! There's something on everybody there. So I, don't know I don't know if you're following pink on Instagram, but she puts up some really great stuff that video. She was giving her son a bath. Jamison and she was singing a little gospel to him, and she said that faith always gives her comfort, so listen to how amazing she sounds. Only. As. Maj Walking on your house, and like that right, your mom has that voice. Oh, my gosh amazing! Amazing Jack Black launched his tiktok count on Monday and he did the Hashtag stay at home dance. It has gone viral. He's in his underwear with his cowboy boots and cowboy hat, and it is hysterical. If you need a laugh today, something to cheer you up, you need to. To Go and watch is stay at home bands. It is so worth it is very funny. Amelia Clark from game of thrones, helping to raise some money for coronavirus released fund in the UK. She wants to raise about three hundred thousand dollars for the 'cause. She's looking for twelve donors and in return. She is going to do a virtual. Thank you date. She will have A. A date like a dinner date with you guys on obviously online. It'll be like a virtual date, so look into that if you are interested I think it's pretty cool so some good news from coronavirus you know Andy Cohen had it and he had to stay away from her thirteen month. Old Son will the best reunion ever. He said he's hosted a Lotta reunions in. In his life, but this was the best one ever yesterday he got to finally get back together with his son, because he is finally cleared by the doctors of Corona virus, so that is a positive story from coronavirus. So that's pretty cool, and I love the Fab Lennox. I don't know if you got you athletics, don't you? Oh, yeah, low comfortable, lovely snow comfortable so! was coming out with her own line with the brand, and she is very excited about this because she's using the brand to raise some money for Corona Virus Relief Purchased five dollars will be donated to the world help health organizations COVID Nineteen Solidarity Response Fund, so that's pretty cool up to one hundred twenty five thousand dollars. She said she was thinking. Maybe she should hold back and not released it yet, but since we're home. She said they're colorful. You know we're working out at home. We're trying to stay healthy and she wanted me. Me It might make us happier and give you go. Just give us a little spark of joy while we're home and I totally agree with her and I'm going to end up with this story for you. Former NBA star Kendrick Perkins, he is on hoop streams right now. He had his credit card declined. Why well his kids spent sixteen thousand dollars on fortnight purchases Oh. Imagine you get your credit card decline and you find out because your kids. Sixteen thousand? Dollars from fortnight night on your credit cards. Yea, I guarantee. That's happened a lot with a lot of people There's a lot on television tonight. You've got David Blaine. He's doing some magic survivor. You've got the mass singer botched is on married at first sight, and there's a lot of new stuff on net flicks, so just check Netflix's because like I said there's a lot of new cool things popping up tonight. Lovely I can't wait, you know it's new month new month new stuff on Netflix. I'm so sad that That ozark is done. I'm like Oh. Daniels doing it the right way she's not. You're not doing more than one episode per night now. I got five left one per night. I've never seen anything as fantastic as this season of ozark. They're all your cool cats and kittens. We've got thirty minutes and then the one and only Alicia Keith will be on with us. We'll be back right after this. I love musicals you. Tonight MTV talented. Players have to risk it all to win at all. Because the only way to make the final.

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