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It's it's just bizarre you know and then they promoted juliane is going to be on with judge janine on saturday that was part of the text to what are you doing i aside from get making this story much bigger than it ever should have been again outside of any criminal wrongdoing possibly by a lawyer i knew that was going certainly that's going to be that it's going to be newsworthy and we'll see what charges there are and what proof there is but your client right now is not the target in fact it's we've been told that and as i think it was dershowitz said usually it's the treasurer of the campaign that gets in trouble for these kind of things right if anything it's legit which is a great point right look look looking at you know previous president of when these laws have been violated in the past which they are you know quite frequently nobody in the media is really talking about a we have we'll spend time talking about the possibility of both that the campaign money violations with the dnc and the hillary campaign pain a foreign national to get dirt on donald trump from the russians it was unverified in order to destroy his campaign somehow those possible campaign money violations aren't you know the top of everyone's brain which i bright they should be right no headlines their the stripper and the sex sells russian collusion only if it's republicans that are accused of it sells when you actually have the evidence that it exists and you can actually see the money trail that nobody is debating minutes no new right it's not my question is how do you talk a hundred and thirty thousand thousand dollars into a g string it's time consuming very time consuming so a lot a lot of my friends live in new york and were were i grew up you know it's stormy daniels will be here in june okay yawn yeah i saw the headline just now a little while ago before the show that she was on snl.

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