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I mentioned it's a bit more strict than stuff because of some of your, callers, or what do gets from the media from the what what are they coupled southern Baptist church. The Southern Baptists are very very conservative. I mean, but if you show up in their church, they're all they're going to be hospitable. Right because they want you to come back. So everyone's going to be nice to you. When you go into the church, but I like Catholics also have a bad reputation. As far as heard, I think the only Catholic services, I remember going to when I was very little. So I was a child the last time I went to a service, and I've been in Catholic churches, but the last time I went to a service. I just remember it being very quiet and very ritualized. So it wasn't it wasn't casual right? And I thought, you know, like, the churches that I went to there was a particular way that you dressed in a pretty, but in the Catholic church, it was very structured like severely structured and even the singing. If I might be wrong. But it was like there was a choir were, I don't remember us singing. And I remember there was a lot of you know, like the the whole standing kneeling sitting like, whatever. And I was not used to it because I wasn't raised in it. And so I was just kind of brought as a child I just sort of did what everybody else was doing. Yeah. Like when I go to church always look at the old natives because they know about then he has kind of cheap and what they do. Right, right or. Okay. So maybe I mentioned it to be more strict in those eight are I can tell you another story, and you can tell them if that sounds unusual. Okay. Like, my my cousin asked me to be her best meme, and the neither she nor to priest had any problem with me not believing and the even asked me to read one of those pareo things the intercession. Okay. Did you? Yes, I picked one which had. No, you got to pick. You got to pick it. Okay. All right. Yes. Okay. Picked one I contract member. Like. I don't know what I read, but it has nothing to or not much to do with. God. Let no that's fine. Had a problem with me met the leaving. And and that was it. They wouldn't have a problem here either. So for example, if you were asked to participate in a wedding party, and your friend is religious, the pastor's not gonna care. I don't I mean was the best mem-. I don't think they would care now. See here, we we do have something, you know, godparents. And so if if you're asked to be like a godparent for a child, you have to stand up and say that you're going to raise that child in the faith and stuff like that. So some people are like I can't be a godparent because I'm not going to take your kid shirt. If something happens to you. But so they they don't wanna get up, and, you know, say what they need to say order to become a godparent. So they they would probably be more aligned with like being becoming a guardian or something like legal guardian, but they would not be able to to promise people publicly that they were going to raise a child shortage. Yeah. That's, but that's more them. I mean, I think that if anything did get up and just say all that stuff. And then later didn't do it. I don't think anyone's gonna say you can't be the god-fearing any. I mean, it would just be like you got up in lied. Okay. More that that was more personally about me. So to to give you a better picture of of my country Austria, like sixty percent of the population are Catholics. Thirty percent of the people don't believe in any God that numbers moving. That's pretty good. I mean, that's pretty high compared to here. Yeah..

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