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What do the team the other is an employee, especially if it's a football player? They already view you as inmates, right? Like who are we came here? And even if here's how I feel and I'm a cynic about all this stuff. Even if they come out with some kind of. Heavy fine or whatever. Like, he go get the what's that where you where where you know, if I go to jail go to jail, but if you go to jail, it's really like a camp with the doors is a lot he go get that version of the punishment was like. Yeah, we go. Find you going to be suspended the six months. I'm sure his suspicion. Right. Right. And then when he comes back he's gonna have a job when he comes back here. You'll be Ray rice. We're right. It's like you can do every active attrition every thing possible after that. But he's done. So I don't know why we're trying to I don't know who might be the same. But this is not is not the same. Like, it literally is not the same ones to seal the company. The other is a is an employee. It wouldn't be the same at target. Definitely. It'll be the same situation. I don't even know what they would suspend him from really I mean, you can see something tangible when a player gets suspended. I mean, what are they gonna do? You can't come around. I mean, you can still be part of it. Apples apple money. We don't to see you at. We don't wanna see you like you're not allowed in the stadium. Like, so here's what we're gonna do. We're gonna pay. Vacation somewhere like. That's how I see this working out. Like, I don't wanna do me. Like both of them are going through something. That's sure incredibly serious. This is one of the worst moments of their lives. And no matter what I I like to be somebody who's merciful and see what people are going through even for the wrong with people. This is why people go visit jails because even people who do wrong deserves the mercy. So whatever he's going through. It's pretty bad. I imagine this is a rough time for him. So I'm hoping whatever he needs to get. He gets in whenever she needs to get. She gets it. But there's gotta be something. I just I just don't think it's going to be to the level. What like somebody like Ray rice experience? And maybe you should because Ray rice woman out the elevator. Like that's not the same as it has. It's a lot different. Not even close. I mean. Yeah. This isn't even close to what Ray rice did. He knocked his lady out and then stepped over and then dragged her out like she was he was taking a like, that's the part. Whereas like, I don't know it just feels like even in the rage. If you make mistakes, there's something about senior white hurt. And for me, it feels like it should be a trigger a snap to reality. Like a reminder of love like, I don't know how I could. I don't know if I saw my daughter had to say. Right. So like Ray rice, and he's like come on. Sleep like wake up like that. Just wasn't. It was the hardest. Parts of the is the hardest part to grapple that. That's how somebody used their wife, and that's just my personal thing. Because life the way I've you heard how it is. Right. So it's hard to see that other reality exists is maybe he walked away because he needed to walk away that moment if that's the case. That's great. Right. I'm glad he walked away before he did something wilder, but it was just hard to see that situation. All right. We're good. Warriors. Maybe. Yeah. You know, what's great about the war is like two hundred other really in trouble. They're in. I. Yeah. Stone. I might be the beginning of the end. Yeah. Yeah. Really go with my head. You're a bad man that you're going to bet that. I gotta see I got to see how it gets Denver. I hold on. I think they're more vulnerable this year when they get to the playoffs, and they have been they'll get there. And they might turn it on that as I told we talked to Steve, Marcus. And I said this is having a harder time finding itself they they look like five five really talented guys that go out there and play basketball a lot of nights as opposed to a team, which they bend most nights throughout the years. They did whatever it is. They're just having a harder time finding themselves this year, and they're still going to be big favorites in the playoffs. But it just it doesn't seem the same this year as it has been. And you know, what it probably shouldn't either. Right. I mean, this is this is not how this works like the risk of the league and Bruce right people like people find comfort zones and get complacent over just tough to have that maintain the same honcker. Like, that's just that's reality. Which is why if they win it would be a great feat. It won't be. Whatever. They had they had to dig deep and find it. And if they brought brought back the same players or the same scenario next year, it'll be even harder. This is this is why you don't three P, right? Is why it's so hard. So I feel like what's happening is pretty I actually think they're doing pretty well for the situation like being in the first and controller audacity, and basically everybody really knowing that is gonna take a herculean effort to to have a chance to beat them. I think they're just by. Marcus good to talk to you. I'm sure we'll talk more warriors next week have a great weekend, man. All right. Have a good one. See? Get out of here. Looking at the support. You're getting a terrible weekend. Marcus. Sincerity? I thought he was very sincere. You had your back there. Thank you does halfway not the fullback instinct point into a good point back. I pretty sincere. All right. We'll get into the conversation. If you wanted to get into an eight away came VR and the whole Larry Baer. That's the big story. Got some other stuff. We'll reset next only here on the sports center..

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