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She carries place for like every team in Europe at least three times. Yeah. The amount of times these moved around. He's probably already play for Besiktas twice. Turn if he has no. I'm, GONNA. Check is which I played in. Turkey thinks I think. My the my the shot was reveal Morrison. Break Maha little bit. See that he's something that he might try just to reignite his career. So that's the shouts off kind of field that when we get more than one vote, we go that and I think maybe Jesse Lynn God. See I. I'm going to stand up. Jesse. Did you see in the press this week a very, very difficult season off the pitch. Is going to adopt place now? So apologize but. He's had to look after his two younger siblings. His Mum had severe depression. So it's really effective is game. So I'm sorry but I'll stick up for Jessie there. Yes. He's been poor but as reasons behind it, Phil Jones is yet come on taxi with realism as Jesse got any reasons why the the the previous luck seven seasons were also quite rubbish. Things well, they doesn't ailing. Got That light his movement off the ball celebrations good for others as celebrations. Pathetic. And his the fact that acts the way does it twenty seven is quite bad but can I just run free Phil Jones last I think seven games just to cement this award. Lost badly three chef not to know home loss to Cardiff one of Huddersfield four nerl lost to. Everton. Involved in a historic two one win. against. West Ham Manitou, one loss to Wolf's plus like we have a really nice poetry in the awards gallery can we have though Phil Jones is really felt Janet? Yeah. Many faces of many many. Well since I feel you feel very strongly about this. So I'm happy for is to go before jobs. Will actually put that we now. That she kyrie ends up in Turkey by the start of next season..

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