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Very. Great to see Bruce Still being engaged in social justice. I've lost. There've been musicians who in moments of great national trial. Haven't said anything I've lost a lot of respect for them, so I'm glad I don't have to lose respect for Bruce. Yes, me, too, and then loving. Ron Marz is podcast a great guest he is, thank you. Yes, he He is a really good guests so okay, so we're talking about just when I catch up and I said I was thinking about. Like I don't remember, I think we may I may have watched the rocket man. And I was thinking. You know that was good, but would I rank it in my top five of music movies and I said. That might be made a good episode I should talk about it and I go. Oh, you know what I bet. Bella could pick five and we could have exchanged back and forth so that's what we're GONNA do. we have no rules except pick a I. Mean I guess we could have picked a song head no music whatsoever but. Had Rules for myself? Okay me your rule so here. I just have a couple of caveats. So, you, said music movies. I think you said bio pics like musician biotechs movies about music musicals. You gave a long list of examples as great, but as I sat down to make the list I was like Oh. There are some really good musical movies. I like to watch that I will not be included on this list, so didn't include any concert films. Like no stop making sense. No, Bruce Live at Hyde Park. Because that is not technically a movie yet in in I was GonNa make the same thing I didn't include Western stars. Even though I love that film, but I was like it's. It's more of a concert. It it just it. It didn't feel like it. or even Bruce on Broadway I was like he didn't feel like that's not. The category. WanNa talk about so yeah, will you brought me to my next? Okay next my only other parameter so perfectly is. I'm not including pro shots of Broadway musicals. Okay, so they you know. They're releasing on July third like the pro shot, Hamilton of they did be pro shot a falsettoes musical. I really love. NEWSIES has one. I'm not including those because again. Those are not movies. Those are filmed plays, so I'm only doing things that were intended to be consumed as a movie. Even if are musical, but they're shot as a movie if that makes sense but. For example though West side story would qualify because even though it's based on a play, it is a separate entity in itself right they like they actually have them in New York. Sets, you know. There are shots with the camera as opposed to on a stage where you're taking in all of. West side story would count. A caller alerts not on my list. Okay. I think it's way too long. Okay, so do you WanNa? Talk About Your honorable mentions first, and then go into five or you WANNA. Give her top five, and then just afterwards talk about honorable mentions. I'd like to do the top five I. I plan that out. I will say said the suggested before, but just as A. Previous thing something that me and people. My circle have been doing with the black lives matter movement really gaining momentum is. We're not really posting a lot. That isn't about black lives matter but I really wanted to do this podcast. Okay, I'm going to find a connection with each movie that I mentioned something that will link it back either to the black lives matter movement, ending mass, incarceration, or other social causes that I care about so after I give my movie. I will give a charity or an action. You can take to support some of the themes. That movie represents so in in. You, send me, the links I'm include that in the show. Oh Awesome! I think that's great okay. All, right? ladies first. Okay, so you already mentioned it, but my number five is rocket mad all night I know the movies new and to put it on. My favorites might seem a little premature but when I was like going through less trying to remember all the movies I've seen I was like. Oh, I haven't. Seen a lot of the bio-pics. Walk the Line I've never seen. This at the Dewey. Cox wockhardt There's a lot of musical by haven't seen, but I have seen I saw Bohemian rhapsody, and then I saw rocket net liked will give you an rhapsody. And then I saw rocket man, and I was like Oh like Bohemian rhapsody I, just like the music of Queen. But as a movie rocket man is so much better. I really love what they did. Where they use like fantastical elements to show the songs I thought, that was very clever, instead of just like having him perform the songs they were like we're gonNA use the songs to move this story forward like any good musical shed, and also it's very gay, and so I love that. I I. Loved it, too, We just watched it. Linda liked. Bohemian rhapsody, a little bit more in. But I liked that rocket man is kind of it. It is a fantasy. It is necessarily it isn't you know in in doing all the different 'CAUSE IT I like as a kid. He's playing Saturday nights so for fighting I'm like wait a minute. That shouldn't be a let it go. Jesse, that's insane I. Do know and I was impressed I. It's a research I guess that happening at that club. The in Los Angeles is an actual deal where the he did do that in there was members of the choice for all these people in there, and that was where he got a lot of his first press, so that was not a stretch. So cool. levitating off the ground yet is. Yet, several concept wasn't yeah, so that's great. I. I think that's off to a great start. Yeah, amend my action item. This movie so the whole film. Most of it is told in a flashback with Elton John Rehab Group right up for many people. Struggling with addiction rehab isn't an option because they can't afford it or because they're put in prison for having like a small amount of drugs on them, so if you out there living in a city that's still criminalizes drug possession, you can take a moment to write your local representatives and urge them to address drug addiction of medical issue, and not a criminal one by. Any is this scary progressive line diverting funding from the police department and putting it towards social services. Yes, and and we won't get to political here, but I think that's an important thing is In a business terms, you should do what you you're good at and let us be good at what we're good at often, businesses will say you go. Do Your Core Compassi than you hire us to do our clumsy instead of trying to do it yourself and people who? Get it and want to get it said that as CDs cut funding cut funding, they got more and more on the police department, and so the ideas what we're trying to do is get back where OEM homeless problem. Give it to the police. You know we have you know. We have you know of mental illness problem elicit gives police versus actually funding the the programs you need, so I think that's a great, not only great choice, but a great. Actually, very nice. So. Mine goes way back. And when I! Was Right out of high school. I went to the theater and I saw the Buddy Holly Story. And with Gary Busey. And I realized there's a lot of. Untrue facts in the movie. But I remember. First off, it was the first time I'd really experienced buddy hauling music and was blown away. How good it was! one of the things unique about that is Gary. Busey and the other actors actually saying live when they performed, so they did not. You know they actually sang. The songs did this and in an I just love that movie and So it remains when I when I when it comes on TV or I, see it I watched it and I think it's aged well I think buddy, Holly's classic music and and there is a there is speaking of lack is matter. It's a true statement. When they were first radio. They thought they might be African American and so black, and so there is a scene where They opened the stage, three white guys. That in the black. A black audience is staring at him. and Gary Busey who plays buddy. Holly Goes We weren't expecting you either. And and they go straight into oh boy. So that's. That is my I. Just I love that movie. I love..

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