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If you will giant for sale sign on the top of the blue water bridge, just outside the port urine. It's not a done deal, but it's a possibility clearly, it is on the table. According to Oakland County Republican lawmaker Representative met. Matic. He's looking for ways to raise money for the roads without raising your taxes in selling the bridge is one of those ideas, he says the state could get between five hundred eight hundred million bucks. But the Democrats say this is a short term fix for a long term problem in selling state assets is not the way to go. Reporting from lynching jokes www. Newsradio nine many topics were highlighted in the Warren state of the city address. But the big spotlight on the new downtown district plan for the city area will be on Van Dyke north of twelve mile of the Warren city hall complex mayor, Jim Fouts says plans include a four star hotel, lofts and upscale, retail with a price tag of a hundred eighty five million. It's going to pretty well change the way we look at warn finally have downtown finally have destination place. I hope this will be a destination place, not just for Warren residents, but also residents and other areas, part of the vision for the Warren downtown district includes a new thirty-seven. District court building fout says he hopes the ground can be broken on the project within a year. Major department store is leaving lakeside mall. Sterling Heights, mayor Michael Taylor says he's only learning of the closing of Lord and Taylor through media reports. But it's not a big surprise. They're not building malls like that anymore. And you know, if you read reports that it looks like most malls, in Michigan are not going to survive over the next ten years. Taylor says he's up to mystic there will soon be a new more modern development on the lakeside site. Both store closing will cause short term pain. The store will close number fifteenth seven workers will be left looking for new jobs, Detroit, music, legend Bob Seger, getting a new honor today, a street sign in his name. W w j NewsRadio nine fifties. John Hewitt was on hand. Bob Seger and the silver.

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