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Slick roadways and possible travel issues across the Grapevine. And the Powerball jackpot continues to grow and that means there's an even bigger prize up for grabs Saturday night, the jackpot has risen to $572 million after no one correctly picked the winning numbers for Wednesday's drawing. The odds of hitting the jackpot are one and more than 292 million and the cost of a ticket is still just two bucks. The next drawing will be streamed live online at Powerball dot com. I'm Jim Forbes and now this Bloomberg is sports update. We began on the ice, the islanders, they matched wins with the rangers across town. They shut out the Detroit red wings two zero behind goals from Brock Nelson and Anders Lee, their 19th and 18th respectively, Kyle palmieri, he had both assists as well they end a 6 game winless streak. Their coach lane Lambert, credits staying with the process. We know we have to put some wins together and starts with the first one, and this was it. So it's nice to see our guys get rewarded. We've had some games where we've deserved better than we've gotten. That's tough, but tonight we got what we deserved and was a victory. We played well. New York currently the tenth seed they're on the outside though looking in four points between themselves and the penguins, the 8th seed. Islanders, they host the golden knights Saturday, both teams will be playing back to backs. That's because the golden knights, they were beaten up something fierce at MSG four to one at the hands of the rangers, quite a night for Chris kreider his 700th game is 20th goal of the season. 20th assist for Vincent schwarze, as well, yaroslav ilaq, brilliant in net 33 saves rangers of the 6th seed. There are a point behind Tampa Bay. They now enter a 9 game mini vacation, if you will, for the all star break, they're back on February 6th, just like the Devils, but they had to take care of business first in Dallas and they did a three two overtime win. How about at all three local teams getting dubs on Friday, Jack Hughes looked like a number one overall pick is 32nd and 33rd, including you had the game winner in overtime. They're the third seed. In the association nicks and nets, they throw down Saturday at 5 30 nets the fourth seed nicks currently in the playoffs for the 7th seed, seton hall visits butler in biggies play. Baseball, the mets Inc Jeff McNeil, the batting champ to a four year $50 million extension. He'll turn 31 right after opening day. With your Bloomberg sports update, I'm rob busker. This is a Bloomberg money minute. The latest entrant in the Cola wars is not a Cola at all, but Pepsi's new story will have to fight hard if it expects to steal fans from Coke's dominant brand. With the introduction of starry, Pepsi is retiring its Sierra missed brand. At some point, you know, you just say, let's just start over. Let's create a taste profile that fits this new generation and the growing demographic trends in the country. And then we'll build the marketing around that that's very specific to them instead of just copying what Coca-Cola is doing with Sprite. Beverage digest editor and publisher to Wayne Stanford says Sprite owns about 8% of the soft drink market overall, so starry has lots of work to do. Social media is a very important element of reaching this consumer audience. Things like TikTok and Instagram and actually speaking to people on those platforms in a way that they want to be spoken to. Despite its popularity, Sprite won't be able to just sit back and drink it all in. They're going to also have to be innovative in how they're looking at that brand. Gina server, Bloomberg radio

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